Madman Chronicles - Story 1 (slightly explicit)

The sliding of a food tray clinging in through a pull out door began another day of captivity for Vanessa Warrick. She learned by the 3rd day that this would most likely be the only food she recieved, and if not eaten would be taken away by the time her captor came for his daily visit. Some days he would come bringing snacks and apologies for what he’s been doing, but none of that made her less aware of the gun that was always in his hand. Other days the only gift he would bring was that of a brutal raping, always forced on her from behind, all the while insulting her malnourished figure. That was not always the case, but in only what could be months of being held in this place, her heavier hundred and fifty pounds had dropped to what she figured to be slightly over a hundred.
Lifting herself off the sticky mattress she ran her hands through her matted brunette hair, recalling the last actual shower she had in her apartment in Nashshville Tennesee. The closest thing to a shower she recieved now was the pale of cold water he dumped on her after every session. Looking at the meager tray in front of the hefty metal door, her mouth watered at the sight of toast and eggs with a small cup of water. Though, many recent mornings she would wretch it all back up shortly after eating. Him bringing breakfast foods was the only way to assume it was morning, though time seemed to have lost all the meaning.
She looked up at the small square windown at the top right of the room, the only thing that shun through was caked dirt that led her to believe she was in a basement. The walls, ceiling, and floors were all cold stone and the only commodities granted to her were a toilet and a matress. Not to say it was a dirty room, some days her captor would come in and handcuff her to the toilet while he cleaned for hours, much longer than necessary to clean a small room with almost nothing in it.
Her ability to judge his mood is what she believed was the reason she was still alive. There were days where even the slightest motion would rub him the wrong way, and would warrent a beating. Despite the mood, she did her best to sit still and remain as passive as possible. More than once the thought of just taking her chance at leaping at her captor and trying to wrestle the gun from him had crossed her mind, but he was easily twice her size and failure in her mind meant sure death. She decided to bide her time and cling to life, even one that will probably end here. Unsure if that made her a coward or a hero, that was what she was sticking to. Hours passed, breakfast had long since gone, and his usual visit had still not come. Since the first time in her captivity, her captor was late. Surprise and worry tore at her stomach. What if he never showed again and she would die of starvation? Excitment also riddled her thoughts, perhaps he was apprehended, there were probably other twisted things he was into and then someone would surely come check on his home and she would be rescued.
Her thoughts were haulted by the turn of the knob and the door opening. She quickly sat up on the mattress and put on an emotionless face, and prepared herself to gage the everchanging mood of her captor. The light from outside the door lit up his dark silhouette. There was something in his arms, something big. She believed she was going mad. It was another person cradled in his arms. Her stomach dropped, while it was horrible that someone else would more than likely end up stuck in this demeaning world that was now her life, she was excited at the prospect to talk to someone not insane.
“Please move away from the mattress, Vanessa.” he said in a rosey voice. She immediately knew everything would be fine, he never bore ill will when he took on this tone. Often when he was in this mood, he could even come off as charming. Caution could never be thrown to the wind while in his presence though, with him a blue sky could turn into a raging tempest in moments.
Vanessa quickly got to her feet and moved to the toilet. She watched with an indiffrent expression on her face, but excitement riddled in the pitt of her stomach. With the dim light entering from the doorway she could make out a pale red haired figure. She was slender and well dressed in a white blouse with a grey jacket, and matching skirt. It looked wrong that she was being carried by the husky captor, dressed as always in navy pants and an unmatching black skirt. A gorey scar lined across the the left side of his neck. His thick black brows were matched by his yet thicker black hair with a single strand draped down his narrow brow.
He set the red haired woman down on the mattress, and turned to Vanessa. “She may wake soon, she bumped her head and passed out” A laughable lie. “and may need you to tend to her.” He solemly walked out through the door, the latch slid into place and he was gone.
Vanessa knelt down over the woman and put a hand over her mouth, breath hit her palm and she knew she was still alive. She adjusted her flat on the bed and looked at her a little anxious. She went to the toilet to relieve herself. The time went by slower than ever. She played with her hair, a habit she hadn’t always had, but with hours of isolation with nothing to do, you try to find anything to occupy your time. The latch to the door unslid and she sat up straight and put the same passive look on her face and directed her full attention to the doorway. Even the way he opened the door was important, and she couldn’t miss a thing if she was to decide the best way to handle him today. Obviously he was coming for the other woman, he always only came once a day, around what she guessed was the same time. She imagined it was an OCD thing, as if the crazy fuck didn’t have enough problems.
The door slammed open and her heart went into her throat and she instictively braced herself. Nothing but violence ever came when he charged in with an energy you could almost see radiating around him. She even preferred the rapings. He charged right up to Vanessa and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet.
“Has the other bitch woken up yet?” He said threw clinched teeth in an almost gutteral accent.
“Not yet.” Vanessa said. He slapped her hard across the face then pulled her face back to match his.
“Not yet what?” He asked.
“Not yet, Master.” She said, but she knew she had to say that way. If she said master the first time, he would beat her relentlessly yelling that she shouldn’t assume anything.
“Good girl.” He said, the menice evident in his voice. He planted his fist in her stomach hard and she went reeling.
He leaned over the red haird woman and began laughing manically. Vanessa watched hunched over on the floor, hoping he’d forget about her. He slapped the woman in the face several times screaming for her to wake up. He ripped off her jacket and crawled on top of her, and began to shake her.
Out of nowhere he stopped, and calmly let go her. He stood up and glanced at Vanessa. The look in his eyes had changed from evil to almost apologetic. Vanessa glanced at the gun that was now in his pants. Maybe if she just jumped for it she could put a stop to this. She hesistated too long and he just walked out the door and left the girls beaten and on the floor.
Vanessa made her way over to the red haired girl, adjusted her comforably on the mattress, and sat down on the cold stone beside her. She wondered who the woman was and why she was here. Chances were she was just another random woman picked off the street, just like her.
The red haired woman shifted. Vanessa got on her knees over her. She waited patiently, and slowly her eyes opened. She looked around confused, slowly at first. All at once, it was like she realized something and sat up fast.
“Where is he?” She asked, obviously referring to their captor.
“He’s gone for now, but he’ll be back.” Vanessa said, eager to talk, but not wanting to push her since she just woke up.
“My god, I had no idea it was this bad.” The woman said, sitting up rubbing her head.
“What’s going on? What do you know.” Vanessa asked, eager now.
“My name is Rebecca Ferns. I’m a therapist. His therapist to be exact. How long has he had you here” She asked, apparently still groggy.
“I have no idea, but if I had to guess it would be at least half a year. It was Febuary when I was abducted. What month is it? Who is he?” Vanessa asked.
“To answer your first question, it’s August 24th. His name is Ryan Gold, he is a patient of mine who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. I’m so sorry you’ve been here that long, how horribly has he treated you?” Rebecca asked. Vanessa started to try to talk but it quickly turned to sobs. She held her hands over her eyes, mumbling incoherently, letting out everything she’s kept in for months.
“Take your time, it’s ok.” Rebecca said taking her into her arms, trying to comfort her.
Vanessa wiped her eyes off on Rebeccas blouse and began her story. “He abducted me in Nashville outside of my apartment building. It was a very cold night, and I was on my way home from work. He was sitting on the stairs of my building when he asked me for change. While I was going through my purse he hit me in the back of the head with something. The next thing I knew I was here. His mood varies from day to day, and if it’s different personalities he has, I would say there is five.” Rebeccas eyes widended at this news.
“Please go on.”
“There is a personality, one that I think I actually would like if he weren’t a psycho. He’s a very intelligent man who likes to have deep conversation. Sometimes when he comes in like this he brings me snacks and will talk for hours about books and old movies that he enjoys.” Vanessa explained.
“That’s Ryan, his core personality. By any stretch just by talking to him you would think him a normal person. At a young age he was beaten and raped, and I think his first additional personality was created to help him cope with this,” Rebecca added.
They both heard the knob twist, Vanessa instictivly turned and prepared herself to gage Ryan. He entered slowly, when this happened either he would come in crying, or she suspected they would both be raped. His sobbing as he shut the door answered her question.
“Dr. Ferns, I’m so sorry it came to this. I knew I shouldn’t have tried to tell.” The captor said, now standing over them, gun in hand.
“You don’t have to do this Victor, you can just let us go.” Rebecca said calmly. Vanessa watched with a trained emotionless face.
" I can’t now! Not after what Brunt has done." He yelled, crying hysterically.
“Just give me the gun.” Rebecca said, slowly reaching for the firearm.
The captor slammed the butt of the gun into Rebeccas face. She fell back and blood began pouring from her nose.
“Brunt won’t let me, he says the’ll send us to jail and kill us!” He yelled.
Rebecca held her nose, and Victoria watched completely still as the man ran back out of the room, snapped the lock behind him.
“Damn.” Rebecca said, using her jacket to cover her nose. “It won’t be long before my secretary notices I’m gone. He kidnapped me while she was on lunch. She’ll put the pieces together soon and we’ll be rescued. In todays session Victor, one of his personalities, what I thought was the only other one, broke down and started to tell me about Brunt.” Rebecca said, leaning her head back and wiping her nose.
“He told me that he had captured someone, then I suppose Brunt took over and hit me in the head with a stapler.” Rebecca said.
“He deserved to be dead.” Victoria said in all seriousness.
“I don’t believe that. He’s got a conditition, one that I believe I can treat.” Rebecca retorted.
“Well you’ve obviously done a great job so far.” Victorias voice dripped with sarcasm. “Try and tell me that after he rapes and beats you.” Victoria said, angry now.
“I’m sorry what you’ve been through, but think about his past it’s not his fault.”
“He’s a sick fuck that needs to burn! I can’t believe you’re defending him. I don’t care about his past, he’s done too much to be forgiven!” Victoria yelled, appauled that he should be given even a sliver of humanity.
“You just don’t understand his condition like I do.” Rebecca replied calmly.
“I think you’ll understand more when his dick is in your ass.” Victoria excalimed.
“This is getting us nowhere. To get to him, we have to know what we’re dealing with. Ryan is his core personality, we know that. Victor I believe is the abused child he used to be, and Brunt is what I believe is violent side of his father when he was little. I need to know who else might be thrown at us.
Victoria calmed herself down and started to think.”Next there is the rappist side of him. He will come through the door slow, like the sobbing version of himself. Instead of crying he will immediately force you to bend over and insult you while he rapes you from behind." Victoria said stoicly.
“This I believe is another personality triggered by his father. Please go on.”
“The final one is a complete neat freak. He’ll come in with urgency, similar to the violent one, then he’ll simply handcuff you to something and clean, sometimes for hours.” Victoria continued.
“This I believe is his mother, she pretended everything her violent husband did wasn’t happening and occupied all her time by cleaning.” Rebecca digressed. “The one we’ll have the best chance of getting free on will be Victor. He is for all intensive purposes a child.I believe while I’m around, that child fights for control to try and get help. When he comes back as Victor again, we must both act more mature and slowly convince him to give us the gun. I believe this is our best shot. Above all we must not set him off and bring Brunt out.” Rebecca finished.
“Sounds as good as any plan I’ve ever had. I have experience with all the personalities so I will be able to let you know which one is coming as he comes through the door.” Victoria stated. Rebecca nodded.

Some hours passed quietly as they both waited. Victoria hadn’t felt the need to talk as much as she thought she would. She believed it had to do with the fact that she wanted to save this rabid animal. A part of her hope he would come in here and rape her, just so she could get a taste of what this man does. Rebecca tried to talk in his favor a couple times over the hours, talking about his incredible IQ and charm. Victoria thought for someone who’s supposed to be smart, she was naive and stupid.
The knob turned and Victoria got in prone position, Rebecca followed her lead, respecting her knowledge of the situation. As they hoped he came in crying.
“Dr. Fern……Please help.” He came in sobbing, his hands were drenched with blood.
“What happened Victor? What did he do?” Rebecca asked, staying calm. Victoria watched him approach, a knife in hand. She had her own plan to make a run for it, let her stay with her beloved science project.
“It was Brunt, not me!” He cried.
“It’s ok Victor, keep control. We can work this out, keep Brunt out of this conversation. Use all your willpower.” Rebecca counciled.
“Brunt isn’t here right now, and Victor cannot hold on.” He replied, now completely calm. “It’s me, Ryan. I’ve come to tell you that I’ve decided to die.” Ryan said, like it was a casual decision. Victoria perked up, she wanted to see him slit his own throat. She was almost giddy at the thought.
“No, don’t do that Ryan. We can get you better.” Rebecca said consolingly. Victoria could have stabbed her at that moment.
“You don’t understand Dr. Fern. I’ve never been very aware of the other versions of myself, everything they did was a blank spot to me. Now it’s different. I was warned by Elaine that Brunt is killing us all off. Even now I can feel that he just killed Victor.” Ryan said, sounding more and more distraught. “Just now, a cop came to the door. Brunt is sensing the urgency and going wild, he immediatly mutilated the cop. The only reason I’m able to say my goodbyes is because he’s busy killing even as we speak.”
“You can fight him back Ryan, you’re the stron…” Rebecca was cut short by the captor grabbing her by the neck. Victoria caught the change and scooted silently to his side.
“Ryan just killed himself, I’m the only one left.” Brunt smiled evily, showing all his teeth and glaring at Rebecca.
Rebecca tried to use both hands to pry away Brunts one, but his grip couldn’t be removed. When he was like this, he had intense strength. Her face started to turn a deep shade of blue. Victoria lept to her feet and took off toward the door, the only options were to stay here and die with her or make a dead run for it, and she was not about to die with that bitch.
“You think it’s that easy Victoria!?” Brunt yelled, throwing the knife with his free hand. It buried deep into he hamstring. She screamed out in pain.
With a flick of his wrist he snapped Rebeccas neck, and she fell dead onto the floor. Victoria used the wall to stand up slowly as Brunt turned toward her. He slowly paced toward her and she hobbled out the door into a stair way. She made her way up two stairs before he came out the door behind her, following at a distance, smiling. He was loving every minute of this, she knew. The realization that she was going to die here hit her like a freight train. Surprisingly the thought didn’t scare her like she thought it would. She almost felt at peace with it, like she had hit the bottom so hard that it made her numb.
“Giving up so soon Victoria? I’ve been kind enough to give you a head start and you just stop?” Brunt asked as he advanced to the bottom stair. “It’s hardly any fun if the mouse doesn’t at least try to run from the cat.”
She looked at him, and her glare turn into a smile. The only thought in her mind was causing him even a fraction of the pain he had given her. With her right hand she reached behind her leg and with a sickening gush she quickly pulled out the knife. She didn’t scream but let out more of a feral growl.
“This mouse isn’t afraid of pussies.” She said, smiling as she set herself on the stair case, knift at the ready.
“A fiesty one I see. I wouldn’t have it any other way you bitch.” Brunt said, speeding up the end as he lunged at her.
She roared as she lunged right back, knife overhead. They collided and she buried the full length of the blade into his shoulder but her weight and strength threw her back on the stair case him on top of her. He screamed in agony and started to wail on her face, crushing his fists into he. Victoria tried to put up her arms, a meager defence at the tree trunks he was smashing her with. She began to see stars in between the punches smashing into her face. Everything went black and she was content for a moment before she heard a thunderous boom.

7 Months later

Victoria came home from her workday and trip to the store on a Febuary night, much like the one when she was abducted. She wasn’t worried or scarred, if there’s one thing she could thank Ryan for, it was relieving her of all unecessary emotion. Little things didn’t bother her as much and she gained a higher appreciation for the time that was given to her. They were all gifts she got in exchange for her pain.
Since the death of Ryan Gold that night she had felt very lucky. It was luck that a cop showed up just in time to kill Brunt and it was luck that for some reason he left all his assets to her, and they were substantial.
She now lived peacefully in California, she had always wanted to live there, but could never afford it until now. The climate was always peaceful and she got a good piece of land just 3 miles from the beach, She had made a home there, a respectable one. She couldn’t stand the tedium of staying home all day so she got a part-time job at a struggling record store where she basically worked for free, but she actually enjoyed her job.
She walked in the front door of her quaint white house, she didn’t feel the need to have a big house. That much room wasn’t necessary and she wasn’t big on waste or large displays of wealth. The living room had a green antique couch that she loved and it was the first thing she headed for after a day of work. She plopped down and gave a deep sigh.
“Did you have a good day at work, Victoria?” Laura asked coming from the other room. She was a slightly overweight girl in her twenties, but very sweet.
“Yea, we sold 3 records tonight. I think that’s a new all time high.” Victoria laughed. “Can you bring him here for me?” Victoria asked.
Laura nodded and went to the nursery and returned with Victor. She handed him off to Victoria.
“How my little man tonight?” Victoria asked while making baby faces
Victoria had Victor in late December, it was of course Ryans child. She wasn’t upset when she found out she was pregnant, or resentful. It was just another gift she was given from the experience, and the one she loved to most. She was dedicated to giving Victor the childhood Ryan should have had.
“I’m going to head out for tonight, is that ok?” Laura asked, picking up her purse.
“Yeah, that’s fine I got it from here.” Victoria said, playing with little Victor.
Laura left and Victoria bounced him on her knee. They laughed together, and she hugged him tightly, and she would never let go.

Madman Chronicles - Story 1 (slightly explicit)


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