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Creating email signatures

Every time I get an email from a certain imaginative colleague, I’m reminded that a well designed email signature is a fantastic, subtle and effective way to remind people you are creative. Not only does it help inject your personality into every email you send, it also works as a wonderful little promotional tool for your latest event or exhibition, a series af artworks you’ve just completed or as a link to your profile. Below are links to information showing how it’s done and ideas on how to create an eye catching email signature that shows off your creative skills.

  1. How to design a signature for your email
  2. The art and science of the email Signature
  3. How to insert a graphic or animation in your outlook email signature
  4. Create email signature in your gmail account
  5. Email signature etiquette
  6. Six ways to make a good e-mail signature

If you already have an amazingly creative email signature or want to try putting something together, we’d like to pick your brains. For those who have dabbled:

  1. How did you make it?
  2. How long did it take and what software did you use?
  3. What were the key ingredients? A catchy image, a link through to your profile?
  4. We’d love to see a screenshot or image that shows off your handy work

If you haven’t created one before and are keen to give it a go then hopefully this post will nudge the task a little further up the ‘to do’ list. Please feel free to share any tips or info you find on the way or to ask questions and let us know if you get stuck.


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