Promotion Tips for Valentine's Day

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Some people see it as a great excuse to shower their beloved with gifts. For others, it’s a tradition that’s become far too commercial. And some single people see it as a great excuse to protest by sitting on the couch eating a whole bag of corn chips and watching Fight Club (highly recommended if you’re unattached). Whether you personally love it or hate it, many people see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to show someone they care, and they put a lot of thought into what to give their loved one on the day. If they’re ordering something online, chances are they’ll be thinking about doing it quite soon.

So for those who are interested in tips on selling and promotion, there are a number of opportunities this goey, soft centered day presents. Valentine’s gifts aren’t limited to traditional images of hearts, flowers and romance. Consider wives and girlfriends who are struggling to find a special gift based on their partner’s interests or hobbies. Or husbands looking for an image of that place they visited on their honeymoon 10 years ago.

It’s also worthwhile thinking beyond the mainstream depictions of love and romance or traditional relationships. There might be an artwork or design on your profile that speaks to a person who is separated from a loved one, or to someone unable to find a gift or card that represents their story or circumstances. Those who aren’t opting for a bunch of flowers from the service station on the way home may be searching for something more personal.

Creative ideas for Valentine’s Day:

1) Be inspired to create a new artwork by taking part in a Valentine’s themed challenge. If you’re a group host, why not set up a challenge for your group? Add the new work to your email signature with a link back to your profile.
2) Share the story behind a creative Valentine’s gift you made from scratch. How much effort did you go to, how did you come up with the idea, was it well received? Post the story in your journal and link to it from your Facebook or Twitter account or blog about it and post some images at the bottom, linking back to your profile.
3) Bump relevant works up to the front of your profile page and check you’ve added relevant tags to your most romantic images. (Be careful not to tag spam).

4) If the subject arises and people tell you they’re stuck for gift ideas, why not offer to make bespoke or customised gifts for friends (for example, a collage or mixed media print featuring an old image of your parents for your Dad to give to your Mum).
5) Create a new work (perhaps inspired by or dedicated to someone special) and post about the story behind it on your blog or on Facebook.
6) Create a clever and well designed t-shirt that Valentine’s Day haters can wear in protest. Or a design for single people who may be heading out that evening.

7) Choose your top 10 alternative Valentine’s themed images and blog about them (don’t forget to drop the artists a bubblemail to ask permission to feature their image).
8) Play matchmaker. Create a t-shirt design with a message someone could wear on a night out with their ‘crush’ or a card featuring a confession from a secret admirer.

We understand that not everyone’s style of work will be suited to this sort of subject matter but hopefully some of the tips above will spark ideas you can put into practice when other opportunities arise. If you’re planning any promotional activites for Valentine’s Day, we’d love to hear about them below.


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