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“In heart I am Muslim,
in heart I’m an American artist
and I have no guilt
I seek pleasure
I seek the nerves under your skin
The narrow archway; the layers;
the scroll of ancient lettuce
We worship the flaw, the belly, the belly,
the mole on the belly of an exquisite whore.
He spared the child and spoiled the rod
I have not sold myself to God. "

~~Patti Smith

Photographer/Dancer-Performance Artist/Poet & All Around Loon…
I am a girl – I take a lot of photographs and write a lot of words, both which i manipulate and generally mess with until they look they way i want. All of my photos are self-portraits unless otherwise specified. All the work here is mine. Anything i’ve modeled for is not shown here, as that would be cheating, innit? As a teenager i began writing angst-ridden and incredibly bad poetry – i like to think over the years, i’ve improved a bit.

I began photography quite accidentally – and because of an accident. I became ill in 2003 with an auto-immune illness, and shortly after injured my spine – an event that left me largely bedridden for several months; up until fairly recently, i wore a back-brace and was told i may never walk without a cane (they were wrong, as “they” almost always are…). I was given a camera as a gift, which i used on myself as a way to document my recovery and relieve the stultifying boredom. I turned the lens on myself because there was no one else around, and i was confined to my own apartment for months, with only short physical-therapy walks in the Honolulu University district. Self-portraiture is my first love, and is still the main focus of my work.

My camera keeps me from indulging in anti-social, murderous and possibly illegal behaviour.
It keeps me sane.
This is what i do.

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Photo – Much of my brushes/resources come from DeviantArt’s many talented artists.

Hair – The kickass blonde, curly hair, as well as any dreadlocks you see in some photos is done by the amazing Cleo of Soul Avenue. Because of her i can look like a different person every week if i want…soul.avenue[at]
The short-cropped hair (possibly my coolest haircut EVER) is by Isobel of Art & Science Salon in Chicago, who by the way also has the coolest tattoos i’ve ever seen.
Without them, i’d look like a cat that stuck it’s nose into an electrical socket.

Makeup – All makeup is done by me.

“les rencontres du tarot” exhibit
The Tarot du Panier
Paris, Fr

ACHE exhibit, 2nd Floor Gallery
Pilsen, Chicago IL.

Death to Summer exhibit, 1901 Gallery
Chicago, IL

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Home, Free.

[Video] / Your song, Jamie – gone six months today. / This is for you, and for Chloe and Quinn. I love you, Kiddo. / Now you’re home, now you’re free.
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Happy After-Birth Day To Me

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Sex, the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory and You

I’ve always known i was the kind of girl who attracts Lunacy. Stick me in a room full of people, and it’s pretty much a given that the most psychologically disturbed person there will come find me and want to introduce me to their mother – who may or may not be among the living. / I’m a Freak Magnet. Wasn’t given much of a choice, really. / You grow up in an apa…
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Nothing Makes A Girl's Day Like Fitting Into Her Skinny Male Flatmate's Jeans

“Will you quit with the ‘fat’ nonsense, already, Zo Zo? Here – put these on…” / Sonji whips his stylin’ jeans, made for a 14 year-old girl, by the looks of them, at me from across the room. / “See if they fit – not – just kidding!” / He giggles wildly, skipping away, pixie-like, to avoid the smack flying towards his head. / ̶…
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