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Moonless Look Meets Transparent War Painted Skeleton Of The Pancake House

sincerity / the black cat / no line (straight to the front) / a moonless look at things / jumping through obstacles / reaching for the medium bell / breaking through the freezer / to a secret library of adult films / the archive collected from the abandoned video rental store / the most messed up dreams of large fallen trees / and my moonless ways / quit my job / cut out my headache / late night…
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Long Distance Account Number

i saw the ocean when it was white / at the live porno extravaganza / change my name to david / i hate this job / i caught god in a glass display case, pocketing my lighter again at the wax museum / man-made manly man’s man man maintenance routine / picture me shuffling keys in a shirt that reads “employee” / it’s all good / goodness gracious / just remember: / this job…
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Oil Head

we could walk to the store / walk through rainstorms / through streetlights / through greenlights / leave me for dead oil head / foul mouthed foul mannered foul minded young man / dreams of work / scared little butterfly / hypothetical anonymous door knock / sweet little eyes looking out against an arcade sky / i drink all of the candle / on off season / golden blondes / handshakes / passing aro…
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Sandwich Line

one of the nicest tomato slices / "shannon"’s lovely / no salmon this time / more like pork and cheese and bread for me / sweeping the floor / same sober shit / she had a salad / working part time trying to find love / i put on my coat to write these lines / i grew up on easy mode / now i’m experiencing difficulty transitioning to normal / tell me about yourself: / “i&…
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