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Squeezing onto the couch.

Yay for the Mawson clan! We was on the couch today. / A: The Mawson Clan / Matt Mawson (mmawson), Naomi Mawson (nomes) and Jeremy Mawson (seine) / Q. RedBubble / The Mawsons surged onto RedBubble with familial force and are constantly supporting and promoting each other’s work. It was a bit of a squeeze on the couch this week as we tried to get our words in. The Mawsons are good at getting their…
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Another relative joins RB ...

Hey, I might be rubbish but at least my relatives have talent. Here’s a big warm welcome to another niece. Hi Peridot ! =)
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Missed the exhibition opening

I’m pretty disappointed with myself for missing the exhibition opening. A few months back my wife and I bought tickets to Hughesie Goes Bananas. We felt obliged to go, seeing as we’d spent money on the tickets. Jennifer Hawkins was in the audience, as well as Vince Colosimo. But still I’d rather have been at the RB party to meet some interesting people! / I hope those that went …
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Help with PNG settings please. :(

Hello / I keep trying to upload an image for a t-shirt. I’m creating the image in GIMP. It’s the correct resolution, size and format. The image appears OK if I use it in a program like Firefox. / However, when I upload it to RB it gains a scraggly looking black border. I’m not sure why this happens! / There are some options I can choose from when saving as PNG. I wonder if its a…
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