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Perhaps I need to learn to describe myself in more detail. Years of web programming – which I do along with illustration – have given me a compulsion to be a person of few words.

Anyway, I am a San Francisco-based cartoon character illustrator of animals and other creatures. Many of these characters entered my mind and told me to draw them; guiding and instructing me while I did so. I work hard to manifest them in their images. I hope they are pleased with the results.

My favorite media to create these illustrations and bring these entities to life: vector, 2D, 3D, watercolor, gouache, or sometimes a combination of any of these.

I also like to write poetry and prose when I have a chance; though I have never done it professionally (meaning: I’ve never been published=D).

I live in San Francisco, and have also lived in LA, New York City and Boston. Some day I would like to live in New Orleans. I am originally from Louisville, Kentucky. Recently I have been researching my family roots. The more I learn, the more I realize that despite my uneventful upbringing, I am a product of history that includes substances made illegal during Prohibition. One of these days I hope to have my illustrations depict this history…which has been repeated in other countries, and is now going on in parts of Mexico.

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Just updated my profile

I have now added a lot more words about myself: /
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Wonderful Things Happened to Me in October 2010

Silly me…these are things I should have mentioned here when they first happened, but I am just learning to use this Redbubble journal. This is why this entry looks like a delayed reaction. / - My Ghost Playing Organ illustration received a wonderful compliment and was made a cover image for the Caution! Ghost Crossing challenge. Many thanks to Rouble Rust! / - A stamp with my Ghost With Mas…
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A Halloween poem and a Day of the Dead poem

I have just written two poems: / - The Many Faces of Death / - A Jack O’Lantern Hears Poetry and Music / Listening to poetry with guitar music in the background is awesome.
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I have just learned I can keep a journal here.

Isn’t that momentous? ;-)
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