I’m a second year Graphic Design student, and when I finish this course I would love to get into designing graphics for clothing as a living.
I’ve always had an interest in art, and until the last few years, I never really knew what path I wanted to go down as an artist.
Graphic design is something I want to do as a career, but I love doing designs just for the fun of it.
That’s my story artwise, but feel free to leave feedback on my designs as a bit of constructive criticism is always good.

I’m slowly setting up my own label, called STOP! START! Apparel.

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Hi everyone. I haven’t posted a journal before, but I really needed to get people’s attention. / I’ve posted one of my designs on Threadless, “HERO!” and it would be much appreciated if you could show me your support and vote 5 on it for me. Thanks <3 / Sean. / http://www.threadless.com/subm​ission/362230/HERO
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