Back in Melbourne!

Hey Folks,
I’m back in Melbourne and have a host of new images to share (mostly from my photography work in June)

Some teasers:-

Models/Viv, Frankie, Kelly Ann, Estelle and Teer.
Makeup/Sarah Baxter and Justine Bruers

I tried uploading a new image on RB awhile ago and it repeatedly fail. What a conundrum!

I’m now on Flickr so do add me if you’re there. You can see more of my work there and on dA and MM.

What else is new…..ah my camera is currently out of commission so I’m available for more modeling. If you’re interested in collaborations or hiring me, send me a note with your concepts. I’m sporting a shorter haircut too~

Looking forward to seeing what I’ve missed, let me know what you’ve been up to lately!

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