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Back to where we came from …It is an identity that remembers the ‘good old days’ of moving around, throwing down pegs and patches of grass to remember the way b… The air doesn’t feel right A child was kidnapped / stolen by the irish. / Then he was handed back / after 20,000 satisfied his pocket. The Road Too slow were the wagons around the corners. / Too fragile for the tides of the falling hill / They cast no shadow in the moons dream of li… Fragile It was a dance / One that lasts forever / as the hall lights dim / and the music fades. / As eyes find eachother / As smiles change places. Middle of The Road “Is it you?” / He asks with hope trembling within his voice Doing well Your doing well / your doing better than i expected / and im jealous. Go Down Corn rows flake in to the grass / Brushing past through the autumn breeze / Amidst the constant change of direction / Shes born again Fly father Met my father for the very first time today / He said ‘come and give your dad a hug’ / I smiled cos i thought it was a joke / But saw the t… been Still a moment / that runs / rewinds, then runs again / until it fades / into another memory / of what could’ve been. As the world turned inside out As the world turned inside out / and stars become far away street lamps / i sat with the wind autumn in June A cold lonely road to walk / with a woolly hat, and my thoughts / A big thick coat to keep out the cold / and you by my side, my heart to h… High noon High noon dust covers shadows at dawn / as the morning burns the moon in scorn