New Oil Painting Tutorial / Demo: Self Portrait

A tutorial and time lapse demo of a portrait painting
This Painting is all about the experimentation of tackling new processes. I have recently been working in thinner layers of liquid paint and have been increasingly inspired by the work of William Turner.

The idea was to show myself studying direct light which has become a key element of my recent work . The eyes would become the focus emphasizing the theme of visual perception of light and colour (the themes of my landscape work).
This unusual subject matter for me brings me out of my comfort zone where I’m better able to push my creativity without habits of my experiences in landscape painting.
Many hours were spent on this work as it was an experimental learning process. On a few occasions, the camera missed some reworking and rag work!
Happy with the final piece and am already applying processes derived from this project, in my landscape painting.

Thanks for watching, plenty more of interest on my channel


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