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July 2012 Juried Invitational Exhibition

Gallery Award of Excellence
SoJie 17, July 2012

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Creative Challenge no. 1- use your 'wrong' hand

I’ve started a challenge over at my blog. / I recently found some fabulous books. Little gems that challenge you to do things a bit differently, very randomly and to have fun with simply getting messy. To find them for yourself, check out the collection of books by Keri Smith. / I don’t know how I missed her books before now, (feeling very slightly miffed about the fact) but Keri Smit…
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Blogging about Beards

The resurgence in popularity of beards has become a point of fascination to me. So much so that I was even prompted to blog about them. / If you’re equally fascinated by beards or are just curious as to what I could possibly find to write about facial hair feel free to stop by and read it. / It’s full of beardly goodness :)
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New Year's Inspirations Challenge

You’ve only got 8 days left to get your entries in for the New Year’s Inspirations Challenge. / So get designing! Chop, chop!
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Minimalism is simple

Have you ever wished that you could create minimalist art? Do you feel that you always seem to focus too much on adding details when you just know that you should be taking them away? / Grant Snider has the answer for you :)
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