scott myst

Tempe, United States

I started drawing before I have real memories. That progressed into copying stupid cartoon characters and drawing cars in high school. ...

not too much new artwork but new eco friendly apparel business is underway

i have been missing for a while. the reason being; i am working on launching a business specializing in eco friendly apparel. we are called Artizen Organics and we will be launching a new website in a few weeks. in the mean time, i have been scouring the world’s resources for the best sustainable gear i can get my hands on. in addition to that, i have designed a line of printed t shirts that will be available with the launch of our online store.
please add Artizen Organics to your Facebook, myspace, and twitter to get in touch:

after the launch of the site, i hope to be able to organize my time better so i can get back to making some analog artwork! i have missed my redbubble community quite a lot and look forward to being able to catch up with you again soon!

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