Limiting print numbers, and a request for advice.

So, we are having this exhibition next Friday, and our printing is being done through RB. We picked up the prints that are going to hang in the gallery yesterday afternoon, and they look FABULOUS! First time I’ve seen a large framed print from RB, and they’re good! Very good. The frames look great, the mat is cut perfectly, the polycarbonate (or whatever kind of plastic it is) on the front is very nice (this is something I was a bit worried about, but not any more), and they even have a wire and hooks on the back, and felt pads to protect your walls. All very nice. We picked up 24 of these buggers, and they completely filled up the back of the car, scary stuff!

(as an aside, the preview for “off-white” mat when you go to buy a print is a horrible Baileys-like…