Lightleaks exhibition - Northcote this Thursday

I guess this is using my journal space for evil purposes, but myself and a few others I’ve noticed on Redbubble are in a show called LIGHTLEAKS that opens this Thursday night.

There are 12 photographers, all shooting plastic toy cameras – Holgas, Dianas etc, and is at Kerala Gallery in Northcote – come down!

Kerala Gallery
283 High Street

6:30 pm, Thursday 22nd Feb.

Exhibition is open until the 8th of March.


  • James Pierce
    James Pierceabout 8 years ago

    We are more than pleased for artists to promote themselves and events that other members would be interested in … It’s not like the bubble is the only place Art happens !

  • Jaye Heraud
    Jaye Heraudabout 8 years ago

    Looking forward to checking this one out.

  • Adrian Rachele
    Adrian Racheleabout 8 years ago

    Pay for the plane ticket and i’ll be happy to pay a visit.

  • science
    scienceabout 8 years ago

    Brilliant. Adrian ride ur bike :> Or canoe if there is an intervening ocean.

  • Adrian Rachele
    Adrian Racheleabout 8 years ago

    Might be quicker to dig. I’ll get rover started right away.

    Good luck on the exhibition.

  • Jodie Noonan
    Jodie Noonanabout 8 years ago

    Will see you at the opening!

  • science
    scienceabout 8 years ago

    The Age is full of reports of alarming vibrations homing in on the Northcote area. Geoscientists working on the puzzle claim they are consistent with the scratchings of a dogs paws operating at super-sonic rock-melting speeds…