February 2013

ALL designs are limited editions!
When I reach 100 sales of any design it will be removed to increase its future valueas a possible collectible for you!

A note if you see RBC as part of a design name that means its also a calendar page.

If you buy a calendar you’re getting several potential prints at once since you could cut the calendar apart at the end of the year and frame your favorite pages!

My online activities apart from Red Bubble include blogging on Orble at “”; and “”; along with a Squidoo Lens (one of many) “”; .

and I’m on Facebook as Julie Vaux and Twitter @scholara

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Tote bags and mid year cull 2014

I’ve culled down to 155 files and I’m adding edited resized images or new images for tote bags pillow covers and other products this month
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Free Xmas Cards

People Free Xmas cards available from
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february massacre! 2013

URK culled about half my work but tis done now you only have to scroll down 3 pages / possibly less if I cull some more tomorrow / the calendars have gone and a lot of older photos / some new stuff coming soon though!
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Dec 2012

Visitors and followers Calendars will be very briefly Unavailable as I delete some create new ones and change pages on others! Don’t forget every calendar image is also availalbe as a print or card too
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