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September Update Sorry I've been sick again

I’ve been sick again!

The dust or grit or something used by the people repairing our balcony has caused an inflammation of my left tear duct effecting my vision and limiting my online time.

My sight is starting to improve so hopefully more updates soon.

Thanks whoever changed the codings so we can see how many viewings items are getting! Now if some one would just buy something!

People if you want to see certain wall art designs / photos shrunk down to tshirt size let me know!

September 25 Update

Groan my eye is improving but they’s still “fixing” things!

A desolation of puddles when its raining or another layer of sealant goes on and a moonscape the rest of the time. My “study” has become a storage aea for plants.
The laptop has been moved downstairs and I’m sitting on my bed trying to let you know whats going on before I go cook tea!

Hopefuly I can upload THE RIFT before I log out!

Bye for now !

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