It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.


Paypal and Prints

I am seriously considering going over to Patreon WHY?

I put up a request for paypal or pr support which everyone ignored despite me stating it was to cover an essential bill … no response even though I offered to put up a free high resolution print if I reached my target …

Lets try again PEOPLE my mid year health fund payment is due

As I need special prescription glasses and phsyio sometimes for my hip
I don’t want to lose that extra cover
meanwhile household repairs and basic power utility bills have swallowed up most of my savings despite me being really truly thrifty

SO PEOPLE IF I EARN 500 (I actually need more to cover the bill but ) by the ne dof JUNE I will put up a high resolution print on DEVIANT.

You don’t even have to paypal me or spend money just help…

Birthday Deal 2016

Want a free print?

Here’s the DEAL!I have a birthday next weekend BUT I also have a health fund / insurancepayment due and have only managed to save up about a quarter of the payment for that.

Now I have PAYPAL and I am also on RedBubble and DEVIANT


a) I get at least 500 dollars in donations to my Paypal account

b) 100 items of any type or price low or high sold from Red Bubble or Deviant or anywhere I have art online

I will offer a full size high resolution image say about 200 dpi or higher as a free download off my DEVIANT page

So is this a good deal? let me know and I’ll post the links for Deviant and Paypal and also know me whether you want the download to be a flower photo or abstract or a pattern you can turn into a decal or something?

Best part of this offer. You do…

Copyright and Lest We forget and Fan Art

Yes this is a response to that Fairfax article.

People if you are doing “fan art” and you are selling it on products there’s a fair chance you are violating copyright even if characters are rendered in a parody cartoon anime chibi or other style!

This applies whether you are doing Pokemon Star Wars Star Trek Spiderman etc

Check and double check!

A couple of years back to my horror I discovered I had ACCIDENTALLY violated copyright on a charity fund raiser product by using the word Anzac as a part of a phrase

I deleted the images when I received the take down notice.

All proceeds form those products went to CHARITY

I currently still have a couple of LEST WE FORGET designs

I googled that phrase seems to be okay depending on what images it appears with since the original ph…

CULL TIME and Gallipoli designs

some of them are still showing BUT I want to have only 3 pages to scroll thru so there’s been a BIG CULL …with more to go … The Gallipoli centenary designs from last year and older works go at the end of April and there are still half a dozen other designs that have moved up to the top of my cull list … if people had their eye on anything …

oh ah the pain

Yeah I just edited a lot of stuff and deleted other items … probably not enough stuff

there are now more stickers available and less scarves

I am also thinking on moving my australian theme and other photographs into a separate new portfolio

grr pr

is it just me or has anyone noticed Red Bubble social media posts tend to favor designers who do kawaii anime and cutesy stuff over photography and abstracts ?

JUNE Review

Friends Followers Fans Frenemies
I’ve working my way thru the portfolio editing and deleting adding new products removing older images and so far the jobs about 2/3 s done

My image / design count is down to 165 and I want to get it down to 150 or lower in case scrolling thru so many images is putting people off!

Another week or so and I’ll be adding some new photos and just a couple of digital designs!
and yes I have added leggings duvets and scarves and the new notebooks where possible !

Enjoy !

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait