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I like photography & editing. I have many different inspirations. What I enjoy photographing most of all are animals (wild & domestic), anything nature, eyes (and make up) and sparkly things.
I dream to photograph & help protect sharks and other spectacular creatures in need. I have so much fun with underwater photography, but I live extremely far from the shore. Being away from the ocean drains my life force and I hate it. I
I love my siblings & pets, animals and fishies, bugs, plants, oceans… For me, they brighten this cold dark pit of space we live in. I am ashamed of our species for doing so much irreversible damage to our home. The dinos had their disco and so did we. Except we had thumbs… goddamn thumbs. Sometimes I think we are a lost cause. Our early ancestors had survived a mass extinction that left 95% of living things on the planet extinct. We continue to survive despite all odds against us, and for what. We’re the most destructive force on earth & I really wish things were different. Gosh dang. As you can see, a lot people frustrate me, but some are quite lovely. There is a tiny bit of hope… sometimes.

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Everything in my art and T shirt section are creations of mine. All mine muahaha! If you use them without asking permission or giving me rightful credit for them, I will hunt you for fun.

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People who never say "thank you"

are buttheads. It takes literally 5 seconds at most! I see it an awful lot here on RB. oh you have over a hundred comments giving you praise and you don’t have time to respond to even one? / You shouldn’t give praise to people who don’t appreciate it. Wasted words. Give them to artists who aren’t so full of themselves. So dull with the whole pretentious asshole being put o…
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Trampled snow art / This is fantastic! Wow!
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Hi everyone. This piece of shit has stolen work from people off Redbubble & I’m sure other websites. Please take a look at this email I just sent to the owners of the website for details: / “Hi, / I know you have already been contacted by an artist from RedBubble because their work was stolen & put up for sale by a thief who goes by “Funny” / http://www.customdrops…
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Spay Day online pet photo contest

RIGHT, so is having a photo contest of pets. Here is Cookie / Please donate/vote for her!! The leaders have like 3,000+ votes…. I don’t know how they got them…. >:( … I want cookie to win because she’s the cutest… To vote you have to donate; 5$ for 5 votes, 10$ for 10 etc.. For me donations go to all Spay Day organizations.
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