Tell a friend
You have schizophrenia
And your friendship will end
Tell truth and be seen the liar

Tell your employer
You will be looking for a job
Whether you are a banker or a lawyer
Dress well or are a slob

Talk about Nikola Tesla
And the self sustaining electric dynamo
The economics of the corporate liar
You will be treated as if you wouldn’t know

Don’t listen to him he is mad
Thinks he knows how sad

Tell the world
Your life in a play or a sonnet
They will treat you the fraud
Knowing a schitzo could not write it

Tell the one you love
You take medication for your thought
They will no longer hold you there above
Everything you say doubted no matter what you’re taught

Talk about life and politics
And it would all have to be delusion
Only the imaginary the mind of schizophrenics
All phantoms and endless confusion

Don’t believe a thing they say
It is all the voices at play

Tell a friend
All your love and thought
And a friend will not bend
Their love for ever brought

Tell a friend
You have a mental illness
And see that friendship end
Another lost to an imagined mess

Talk about true reality
And no matter the evidence seen
You will always need psychiatry
And your experiences will never have been

Don’t you know that could not be
Even if you have the scars to see

Tell a friend
Or go telling anyone at all
Is like seeing your life end
And even brother hood will fall

Tell anyone you will see
No matter your qualifications or intellect
It is the last time you will ever be
Treated the same your life is wrecked

Talk again with any authority
And it will be never taken as true
Ending all relationships and prosperity
Speak the truth and you will be blue

Did you hear what they say of him
Will be the truth of you how grim.

5.09am Australian EDST
22nd October 2009
copyright Gregory John O’Flaherty

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I watched Glenn Close and her sister talking about mental illness awareness, on Good Morning America, this morning..
My experience is tell anyone and you will never be treated the same again. If you are missdiagnosed, and the diagnosis is changed from Schizophrenia to Post Traumatic Stress, you will be treated the same. Family and friends will not be the same. The only people who don’t seem to treat you different are those with a mental health diagnosis.
My best friend has Schizophrenia, and has a Bachalor of Fine Arts, a Dip Ed Degree and Degree in Education for Disfunctional children, a wonderful loving person, who because of the stigma of mental illness works as a car detailer. His education and talent wasted. No encouragement from the authorities only more stigma.
I, through 10 years of service in a government bank earnt a, Unratified, Degree in Political Science/ Finance, and have unfinished studies in Electronic Engineering and Computer science, but I get treated like an illiterate and am not taken seriously by anyone who knows I have a mental health issue.

Tell anyone you have schizophrenia and it is them that get paranoid.
I have never had an auditory hallucination. Most schizophrenics don’t.


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  • Trenchtownrock
    Trenchtownrockalmost 5 years ago

    You always write the truth in your words my friend..the way the world is ugly at times but and you manage to rip away the layers and expose the ugliness..nice work.

  • Thanks Chris … It needs a bit of a strip back and exposure some times !! Appreciated as always !!

    – Gregory John O'Flaherty

    AAR EMMalmost 5 years ago

    Brilliant writing. Yeah I have had friends stab me in the back making out I’m a “nutter” and I don’t even have psychosis!

    Most people are too ignorant to handle the truth responsibly- treat it like a dangerous weapon and only let people you REALLY trust handle it.

  • Too late… the whole world knows… Maybe I should write about Tesla and the self sustaining electric dynamo under a pen name then they might believe my teachers…
    Thanks Richard !!

    – Gregory John O'Flaherty

  • Tom Broderick IPA
    Tom Broderick IPAalmost 5 years ago

    great peace of work greg. tom

  • Thanks Tom !! xoxox

    – Gregory John O'Flaherty

  • CeePhotoArt
    CeePhotoArtalmost 5 years ago

    Awesome. Brilliant and unfortunately so true…..

  • Thanks Cee !!

    – Gregory John O'Flaherty

  • charliethetramp
    charliethetrampalmost 5 years ago

    i wouldn`t trust a psychiatrist `s diagnosis at all,they like to label things,and seem to constantly refer to text books
    .but you are right there is definately a stigma attached to mental illness
    which is probably caused by fear and ignorance
    i don`t not what the answer is maybe don`t tell people to your sure open minded enough to understand the condition
    and as for truth it seems to have an ambient nature
    interesting and brave piece of writing you deserve credit for it

  • Thanks Charlie. I don’t know what the answer is either. I do know that different psychiatrist will give a different diagnosis if they are not aware of the one you have been given.. Thanks appreciated.

    – Gregory John O'Flaherty

  • Ty Beach
    Ty Beachalmost 5 years ago

    a sad truth.. but …. I think you should be diagnosed as gifted :)

  • :-) Thanks Ty.. You are wonderful !!

    – Gregory John O'Flaherty

  • Anne Staub
    Anne Staubalmost 5 years ago

    Not relating to me but I’m very close to Stuart and admire his ongoing work against discrimination and stigma – click here

  • Thanks Anne, and thanks for the link !!

    – Gregory John O'Flaherty

  • Anne, that was too true. Schizophrenics are more likely to be the victims of violence than to be violent…….

    – Gregory John O'Flaherty

  • autumnwind
    autumnwindalmost 5 years ago

    look, sadly most people suck. they care about one thing themselves. ok, that is my evil twin sister who has learned lessons hard. I say, those friends you lost, were not worth keeping and there are some who will respect, love and appreciate you just the way you are. they are keepers, and they are around. you have my heart. big hugs, shar xoxoxo

  • Thanks Shar xoxooxox !!!!!!

    – Gregory John O'Flaherty

  • raymondoantonio
    raymondoantonioalmost 5 years ago


  • LOL !! Got an email from Helen, might write Peter Styles another two or three !! Thanks Raymondo !!

    – Gregory John O'Flaherty

  • funkyfacestudio
    funkyfacestudioalmost 5 years ago

    There is too much love to share in this world and too many things we all share in common to spend it in fear of the what if’s and the stereotypes……….xo

  • Thanks funkyface , I agree !1 xoxox

    – Gregory John O'Flaherty

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