Self Reflection

Image by Gregory John O'Flaherty

Don’t Get Upset Because You Asked

I keep silent about our economic long term security / Or where the next invasion force will be deployed

Tested By A Tribute

Offered of your own free true wealth / Respectfully now I accept your tribulation

A Confession

Forgive me Lord for I did sin / And while I did I had a grin
Every Shit Day ( Black ) by Gregory John O'Flaherty

Burn Me

All the beauty of the Earth / Parades before my eyes / Every day since my birth / To deny would be more lies

I Am, Also

More fool am I / For trusting anyones’ voice


Tell your employer / You will be looking for a job

Rumour Toyed Author Write Us

How come they haven’t locked him away / Or made certain he is always medicated

Eternal Now Destroys

I am lost here / No past or future

Now Remains Named

Ages come and go unrepeating / For ever time passes repeating never / Never to return time is fleeting

Tears In Hell

To not remember your own name / And to deny it to your son

Seeking Misplaced Faith

It is not hard to lose your faith / I a world that has gone mad

I Would like To Face My Critics

It is easy for someone to critise / When they do not say it to your face


Grant me your guidance / Restore my lost respect

It’s OK

OK I’m mad / And they gave me the file to prove it / Don’t get sad / I showed them their file is shit

Disliking Liking Me Or You

I will let you down / If you think you like me now

Monsters Invade My Peace

Your truth tests eternity.

The Last Name

The last name / In the Annals

Nothing Atones My Error

Ghosts recall ghosts

Confusing Myself With My Name



I alone exist

Eternally Psychologically Seperatedly


Eight Reasons to Cry

Two brothers 4 and 5 left to play / Innocent to the meaning of death

Choice Pro Life Choice

Tell my mother / To end my life

Sweet Touch

There was nothing as warm or so grand / As being held by a lover so bold

Given Life

I knew you / All of my life / Your love so true / No matter my strife

One Moment

I should have just left it there / Embraced the moment Now

Six Lessons Plus One

I was brought up to know my name

The Pretender

Given all I have done and said / Repeating the same mistakes and lies

50 and Still

I still don’t know myself / And I am getting no closer to God / I still don’t feel I am free / No matter how well my feet are shod

Name Change, By Deed Pole

Going to change my name to “That Bastard”

Memory, Pavlovs’ Dog, and a Bad Smell (Once In Se…

It’s alright I remember you told me / You could put me at that same door


Stop howling like a child still in the cradle / A word simply stated is usually heard in peace.

The Adversary

I want to be the Adversary / The enemy of the Name / I want to bring adversity / The One everyone will blame


Glory greets me every day
And I Would Say The Same Thing Twice by Gregory John O'Flaherty


I was away to-day / When trouble came knocking

Mourning Memories

I sometimes thank that I have scars / To remind me of things gone wrong

Have We Met ?

Some people wonder / How you could completely forget / A good friend and a lover / And show no sign of regret


If anyone claims to be me / They better have all the scars to prove it

Look in the Mirror Occasionally

You’ve done it all yourself / If you take a minute to look


Arm me against their two edged sword / Protect me from their views


What a worthless gift / A fools’ sad lust

Nothing to Say

Saw my spirituality fumble / From the side of my cot

My Fathers’ Thoughts I Think

So you’ve done it now / I could have told you how / You’d feel this moment / Now that your futures spent

Your Leaving

Your leaving

Fool With a Pen

Writing the same lines / What a waste of time / Nothing new to say / Loved you then as to-day / What happened in my mind / What more of yes…


I wonder where it went to / All that time that I have seen


Take what you will / From this dribble and swill / Leave nothing of mean or intent / Let imagination fill / What ever that will / With what…

Reclaiming The Stone

They’re back on my case again / For stealing The Stone of Scon

How do I Fail to See That

Can it all be that plain

Night Vision

Let not slip the night / Back into sight

Momentary Thanks

Thanks for all the memories / But they but they some how don’t seem to fit / They must have under gone surgery / And been edited a little b…

Don’t Tell Me

Don’t tell me where I come from / Don’t tell me where I’ve been / It’s not through your eyes I’ve seen



Affirmation Restoring Truth



Condemn Me


Are All


Too Political Must Be Psycho

They’ll do it all again / They did but I am a fighter
Bring In The Clowns by Gregory John O'Flaherty Real Men by Gregory John O'Flaherty I Said it More Than Twice by Gregory John O'Flaherty


Trapped in a moment / Of yesterdays’ regret / An endless torment / Never able to forget


“You know you are trouble / And you can not say that here”

Politicians Eternal Nemesis

Frequently destroying what they once did build

To Myself Slaved

Real Men Knit ( Hoodie ) by Gregory John O'Flaherty
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