Shellharbour, Australia

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Name My Newest Work xD

I want YOU to name the title of this work from me, all suggestions welcome xD

ALSO suggest what you believe the best colour is xD

PLEASE place all suggestions in the comment for the actual t-shirt and not in this Journal Entry :)

Thankyou in advanced :)

Dear RedBubble Uploader

Dear RedBubble Uploader,
I must admit I do hate you. I have tried to upload my work multiple times across multiple computers using multiple programs and multiple copies of my work, yet it seems we can just not get along. Our relationship never seems to stray far from 3%, which can be very dissapointing. Please decide to make our relatioship a two-way street.
Yours Sincerely,

P.S. if anyone has ANY hints (maybe through similar problems) please comment? Also i have looked at the FAQ