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Morton Grove, United States

Extras available from my Kickstarter

Now that I have sent out all of the rewards for my Kickstarter backers, I am able to offer the extras I have from the project. I have a limited number of screenprinted 30th anniversary posters and postcard sets available.

30th Anniversary Prints – $35
The screen printed posters are the same ones backers received. They are numbered editions that are still part of the original set, and all are stamped and signed by me. They measure 15.4”x24” and are printed with metallic inks.
Ships first class.

Postcard Sets – $12
This is a set of 11 postcards that feature all 11 of my original EPCOT Center designs. They measure 4”x6” and look awesome. If you were to order these from my other websites, they would cost $20, so this is a great deal.
Ships first class.

Print and Postcard Set – $45
Own both the 30th Anniversary print and the pack of 11 postcards. This was the most popular reward chosen by backers, and I have received the most compliments about this reward from people that have already received their packages.
Ships priority.

If you order a print or a postcard set individually, they will ship first class and they will not make it to you by October 1, EPCOT’s anniversary. Ordering the print and postcards together by Wednesday, though, will ship priority and will arrive at your door by October 1. If you still want the individual items to arrive that early, add $8 for priority shipping and order by Wednesday.

All orders can be completed by sending the required amount to my PayPal account at stephendchrist@gmail.com. Include a shipping address and a note of which items you want. Feel free to send any questions about ordering or about different quantities.

Thanks for the interest in my project and my designs!

-Stephen Christ

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