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Hey all,

It’s been busy the last few weeks, getting close to the end of my last school year, that means creating finals for Studio Arts, finishing my second product for Visual Communication, and studying for all those exams =|

As a result, it’s been hard for me to find much time to anything, and the time that I have had, has been dedicated to working on my latest website, the fourth coming in my list, in order of creation I’ve had the following:

- United Galaxy, the long running personal website of mine, United Galaxy was a small community discussing random news from around the world.
- Squared, Only live for a small time, Squared was my personal space on the web that I used as a portfolio.
- The Nayble Workshed, only seeing around 3 months of existance, TNW wasn’t an overly successful site, it was a development community dedicated to spreading the word about a users project.
- BlueIrn, BlueIrn (Pronounced BlueIron) was created as The Nayble Workshed rethought. BlueIrn is now the revival of what once was, and hopefully, will be more successful than it’s Workshed companion. This site can be found at (http:// blueirn dot com, remove spaces and replace items as required)

So as you can see, BlueIrn is a big project, hopefully I’ll find time to do it though :)

Cheers, and goodbye for now,

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