I am very grateful that you’ve chosen to visit my gallery and purchase my artwork for your home or business. I hope you get as much enjoyment from viewing my work as I find creating it.
I am a full time artist in Las Vegas, NV and have pursued the visual arts as a photographer for many years specializing in large format fine art photography.
The process I’m using is somewhat novel & cutting-edge, with digital technology replacing not only the darkroom, but the camera as well. I’m creating my images with a flatbed scanner, which offers interesting opportunities.

Unlike a traditional camera, a flatbed scanner captures an image by slowly moving both the light and the lens across the subject—essentially lighting and photographing it from multiple angles in one long exposure.
This produces a single image stitched together from thousands of tiny slivers, to which I then make endless, minute adjustments. Each photograph takes between 20-40 hours to make.
The results are incredible high resolution prints of the best quality availale in today’s art market, which can be printed as wide as sixty inches, and are made with archival inks or pigments on rag paper, which gives them an inky, matte surface and a dimensional feel.

The resulting images can be printed as wide as sixty inches of the highest quality possible and are the fusion of my love for food, nature and art and can be seen & purchased in this gallery.

Thank’s for stopping by,

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