Groups, hosts, challenges, voting, etc

Groups, hosts, challenges, voting, etc

These are just my opinions and not facts.

Groups are there to make our life on redbubble easier. The more time passes, the more groups are created.
Although not every group is good for everyone; everyone can join groups and vote.
It is an easy way to group similar works together.

I am a host of two small groups and it a hassle.
I can imagine all the work done by the hosts of large groups:
moderation of work, creating challenges, see that everyone is happy, updated the group etc
It really takes alot of time, and every free minute you have, you try to dedicate it to the group.
No wonder why large groups have a lot of hosts and co-hosts.
From here I really wish to thank ALL THE HOSTS in every group.

What a headache!!
Choosing subjects is always difficult. Submissions to challenges is not always good, depending on the subjecy.
But you have to limit your subject to the group’s theme. Some member do not like it when they cannot submit any work to the challenge.
HOSTS have to check that all the work submitted accept all conditions and rules.
And believe, it is not any easy task for HOSTS to remove works from challenges.

Voting is the worst thing for membersto do.
If they are competing in the challenge, they find it difficult to vote works of others.
If the subject is not intresting, they do not vote.
I hate it when I see challenges being won by 2 votes. It sounds funny!!

EVERYBODY wants to get featured on the homepage. I do not know the criteria.

I see that most of the work is really nice. BUT REALLY NICE!!!
But I always hate to say that there are some work, which is not nice and still is submitted on redbubble.
When I submit a work, and it receives very very few visits and comments, I remove it immediately.
Better to submit 3 good pieces of work that 10 piecs which are below standard.

CHALLENGES: at the end of the challenges, I would show all votes received for every work. Sometimes there can be ties, that canot be figured out by the present format.
HOMEPAGE FEATURES: I would create a new section with screen shots of FEATURES ON THE HOMEPAGE. This way, whoever missed his work being features, he can see it at a later stage.
PEOPLE: I would create a new section, sorting all member by country. This ways you can make more friends, and also create activities in your area and invite the “neighbours”.




Christian Zammit


  • Alateia
    Alateiaalmost 6 years ago

    Thanks for the appreciation, allow me to return it.
    It is a HEAP of work, and……its all precious time that is volunteered. It is alot of hours managing the group and catering for their needs. All this work goes barely noticed and the rare moments that it is seen and apreciated goes a long way.
    Thankyou again.

  • thank you

    – Christian Zammit

  • Marjorie Wallace
    Marjorie Wallacealmost 6 years ago

    I so appreciate your input on this subject. As also being a host, I find myself very involved and understand much of what you are saying. That being said, I also find there are many things I do not know yet and am definately a work in progress. I do like what you suggested about having the numbers of votes be shown for all of the works in the challjenges. Perhaps on the challenges that receive so little activity, it should be closed down for that reason. I do like the idea of meeting with other RB members in my area. Have already met with one and went to lunch and out on a garden tour. Great time and felt like she was an instant friend. People who share similar passions will always have GREAT conversations. Yup, you are on my favorites list now, if you were not already and I thank you for bringing up these subjects. My hat is off to ALL of the hosts and moderators who give so freely of their time and thought. ~Marjie

  • thanks Marjorie. It is a pity that other hosts did not accept this journal in their group.
    I am glad that you share my ideas.

    – Christian Zammit

  • SandraRos
    SandraRosalmost 6 years ago

    Being the host of 4 groups at this stage I really appreciate everything that you have said but most of all I really like your “WHAT WOULD I DO?” Thumbs up for you for those lovely ideas!! We have just created a special group for Hosts only please go and have a look Link

  • sandra,
    wow! i ilke the idea of the host group!!!

    – Christian Zammit

  • SandraRos
    SandraRosalmost 6 years ago

    I am so happy about that Christian and I am so glad you have joined

  • no prob Sandra

    – Christian Zammit

  • ourjrny
    ourjrnyalmost 6 years ago

    Aloha Christian, mahalo nui, thank you so much for your wonderful encouragement and kind sentiments!

    As a Host and Moderator of several groups, one of the benefits for me personally is the creative environment, a wonderful and enlightening exposure to a wide variety of photographic and artistic subjects, styles and masterful techniques. I have learned so much by viewing and studying the beautiful works of many talented members on this site.

    For the most part, hosting is a tedious and unbelievably time-consuming endeavor. I believe most members do not actually realise just how much time, focus and positive energy is required to properly manage a group. There are many wonderful members on RedBubble who respect the guidelines and submit their work accordingly and appropriately. There are a few members who completely disregard the group guidelines and broadcast their submissions. I quietly question the motive and find it fascinating when someone, as an example, submits a sunset image to a group devoted to Still Life, etc.

    It is always important to be senstive and openhearted as we take into consideration the language issue as well, as there are many members on this site who are not fluent in English, and so, keeping this in mind, I simply remove the inappropriate work and move forward. It is one of the greatest lessons in life when communicating with people to maintain an open mind and never take anything personally.

    Even so, I find hosting groups on RedBubble to be tremendously rewarding and I enjoy it very much. I especially enjoy offering features and showcasing the beautiful photography and works of art of those members who are truly talented and skillful in the medium of their choice. One of the many reasons I do this is to try and encourage sales. While the social network is fun and quite wonderful, I have many family and friends on this site, the sales and income for all of us is the primary goal.

    The gallery archives within those groups I host are very much like my own personal collection of images and works of art reflecting a wide range of creative talent, aesthetics and material interests. As I try to remain objective and broaden my scope in my own personal tastes, I also try to raise the bar and permit only the finest images to pass through moderation. For every image accepted into one of my groups there are hundreds of snapshots that do not make the grade.

    I work very hard on this site and, other than an occassional sale, the only real compensation I receive is the wonderful positive feedback and encouragement from family and friends. My work is an altruistic gift. It is a selfless job. Personally I believe it would be nice if RedBubble would offer the Hosts some manner of tangible compensation. After all, we are doing all the work. For all the Hosts of RedBubble, it is our time, energy and efforts that build this relatively new website as we all work together to filter the submissions, generate sales, drive the content and protect copyright. The highest quality of art displayed on this website is a reflection of our own personal standards.

    I encourage everyone to join and participate as I make every attempt to display on RedBubble only the very best works of fine art.

    I send you warm greetings from the beautiful island of Maui and wish you a fabulous day! Aloha e Malama pono,

    Sharon Mau

  • nice words…I agree with everything you said!!!!
    merhba ….greetings from the island of Malta

    – Christian Zammit

  • Tama Blough
    Tama Bloughalmost 6 years ago

    Sharon said a lot that I could also say. I host a group I started and co-host two groups started by others. One group has pretty strict criteria and I have to reject a lot of work. Some people submit the same rejected piece over and over. But seeing the work in all the groups grow and the aesthetic and feel of the group coming together is very rewarding. The group I started pertains to the city I live in, and seeing other people’s perspectives of it is wonderful.

    When it comes to challenges, I think group members need to be more conscientious of the rules, for sure. I see so many challenges with completely inappropriate entries. I know language is sometimes an issue but if you are in a group dedicated to dogs, chances are they are not looking for images of ostriches in the challenge.

    When I vote in challenges, I always vote for work other than my own.

    Thank you for your insightful posting, Christian!

  • thanks Tama for your thoughts!!
    I fully agree with the submissions of inappropriate entries to to challenges

    – Christian Zammit

  • Marilyn Brown
    Marilyn Brownalmost 6 years ago

    Hi Christian,
    yes hosting groups is a labour of love and if you want a great group you need to be dedicated.
    I host a group that has been on redbubble since the inception of groups. What I have learnt in all the time I have been doing it is.
    On the whole the members are great, yes you do get a few that make life hard.
    The serial clickers, as they are referred to, simply check all boxes when uploading new work.
    You get a feel for this and simply remove their work not giving it another thought.
    Others make simple mistakes, with some actually apologizing before the mistake is discovered.
    Others again simply do not understand the principals of the group and it may be through no real malice on their part.
    I try not to let these little things get me down anymore, I just deal with them quickly.
    Also if you respect your members they will respect the group.
    What would I do?
    It is a good idea about revealing votes after the challenge accept I’m afraid it might open a can of worms and be counter productive for members.
    You see, as you mentioned, no low vote challenges you may end up with six people tied on first place. That is not silly to think if the winning entry only has 2 votes. The top ten will still be displayed but it will be ordered so that the latest entry to the challenge will be displayed first.
    You can’t really fault anybody about this because of the structure of the software. Members may start complaining, how come I got the same votes as so and so but I’m not even in the top ten.
    I think it’s better to have everybody feeling as positive as they can.
    Home Page Features
    I can help you out here. I sometimes get my challenge entrants featured on the homepage by submitting them here it actually give all members a chance to select some images they would like to see. Also it would be great to have an archive of homepages and this has been requested before ( Brilliant minds and all that). What I do is get a screen capture of the homepage, upload it into my profile but hide it from others, then I publish it in my groups news and forums. Also if your selection is selected then homepage profile usually also posts it in the above link.
    My Examples Asking for the selection Letting me know through that forum and My newsletter
    It really excites me when these things happen!
    The other thing to do is check out the Group Hosts Group it is a great way to keep up to date, find out useful hints and discuss problems you might be having in your group.
    Hope I’ve added to this helpfully.

  • thanks for the reply!!!
    I did not even know about the nominations of the features on the homepage.

    – Christian Zammit

  • handprintz
    handprintzalmost 6 years ago

    It is very time consuming and my two groups have only just got started, l don’t know how we will go if we get 1000 plus members lol, but we will see, l find it hard to reject submissions especially from people on my watchlist, that is going to take me a while to get used to its hard to say no !

  • i believe you !!

    – Christian Zammit

  • kalaryder
    kalaryderalmost 6 years ago

    This was a great description of the site and I much appreciate your thoughts towards the hosts. I co-host several groups and they are extremely time-consuming but rewarding. By the time I moderate and comment on the images in the group and then check out everyone’s new work on my watchlist (where possible), manage a little read of other bits, several hours has passed. Good job I am a hermit LOL
    You are already on my watchlist :)

  • thank you!!!
    time seems to be the main concern!!

    – Christian Zammit

  • Daniela Cifarelli
    Daniela Cifarellialmost 6 years ago

    Quite so,Christian! Just added you on my watchlist! , it was a pleasure!Greetings from italy. Luv! ;-)

  • thanks Luanda!!!
    we are neighbours…..I live in Malta!!

    – Christian Zammit