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BROOKLYN, NY, United States

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Having a problem at RB with an “old” browser. (Which was working perfectly before a new change)
Have updated Safari , on a Mac, as suggested and still cannot upload photos.
Can anyone help with any more suggestions?
Thank you, in advance.

Passing the Baton

In my family there have been several generations of healers, seers and artists.
So you could say that it’s in our blood but it is giving me great pleasure to discover that my oldest grandson, Joshua who is 13 years old is a gifted artist in his own right. He is presently showing on this site his summer series called “Josh’s Mad Dozen”. In this series we get to see the world as our youngbloods see it. Needless to say, I am very proud of his work and wanted to share it with my Red Bubble family all of whom are newly very important in my life.

So I thank you one and all for taking the time to view his work and leave him messages of encouragement. Josh, who is usually very quiet and watchful, has embraced our community/village here and is smiling wider and wider with…