He won't reply

I actually can’t do anything. You broke me, and I’m finding you terribly difficult to get over. Please, give me a magic button to press that will automatically make me get over you. Because I can’t stand this.
It’s so heartbreaking, knowing what we had. And it’s reduced to this.
I cannot function.
I don’t know what I need right now. Your attention, your love, your affection. I think I just need our relationship. But maybe I was done with you a long time ago.
It’s not hard to find things that remind me of you. We shared so much together, it’s impossible to go through a day without thinking about you. I hate how unaffected you are. It’s like we meant nothing.
I don’t know what to do with you; or what to do without you. I’m so lost. My anchor has just yanked itself away from me without a second thought. And I’m not floating away. I’m sinking.
It’s the little things I miss. Soft kisses, your hand always holding mine, falling asleep in the car. There are things you don’t miss about us, things I forget.
Slowly, I’m getting over you. maybe. But in my mind my affections are becoming faceless. I just wish I knew how to get by without you.

What am I, if not loved?


  • Cat2be
    Cat2beover 3 years ago

    Oh Sasha, sending you tons of hugs …….

  • Joshua Certain
    Joshua Certainover 3 years ago

    Everything you loose comes back in a different form, keep your head up things will get better (^_^)

  • Themis
    Themisabout 3 years ago

    I really hope things have improved since then, and that you discovered you are much more than a reflection of someone else, much more than the object of someone’s affection! Even more, the person who ‘broke you’ is a bit like a Christmas tree: something real made into a symbol by decoration you added – but at the end of its season, when you strip away the decoration, the tree disappoints… you are left wondering however did you think it pretty in the first place! The power to move on is within you, believe me, I still remember :-)