He won't reply

I actually can’t do anything. You broke me, and I’m finding you terribly difficult to get over. Please, give me a magic button to press that will automatically make me get over you. Because I can’t stand this.
It’s so heartbreaking, knowing what we had. And it’s reduced to this.
I cannot function.
I don’t know what I need right now. Your attention, your love, your affection. I think I just need our relationship. But maybe I was done with you a long time ago.
It’s not hard to find things that remind me of you. We shared so much together, it’s impossible to go through a day without thinking about you. I hate how unaffected you are. It’s like we meant nothing.
I don’t know what to do with you; or what to do without you. I’m so lost. My anchor has just yanked itself away from me without a second thought. And I’m not floating away. I’m sinking.
It’s the little things I miss. Soft kisses, your hand always holding mine, falling asleep in the car. There are things you don’t miss about us, things I forget.
Slowly, I’m getting over you. maybe. But in my mind my affections are becoming faceless. I just wish I knew how to get by without you.

What am I, if not loved?

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