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Knitting Wool plea

Hi all,

This post would be mainly for UK folk but I am leaving it open to anyone who may wish to help.
I keep in touch and call on the elderly in our village and I was asked today if I had any oddments of wool. I am not a knitter ( a nit maybe, but not a knitter!!), but I do not have any at all. Please read the following message which will give you the information of this project.
(I have also posted this message on my Facebook page.)

I am looking for people to donate any oddments of Double knitting wool for a lovely 90 year old lady in our village who knits hats for orphaned children that Blythswood Care help. If you have any oddments and you are willing to donate and would be happy to post (not refundable I’m afraid) the wool to me I would be grateful. I will thank by letter to all who help. Any leftover wool that she does not use will be further donated by me to other local ladies in my area who also knit for Rumanian Children. BM if you can help. Thank you.

If any UK person feels led to help please email me and I will give you the details you need,
I am ever amazed the amount of elderly ladies who keep busy and continue to hep others when they struggle with their own issues. It is a joy to spend time with the elderly as they have so much to talk about and what they have done in their lives, and it’s just a pleasure to help if I can by obtaining wool for this lovely 90 year old lady.

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