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A tribute to Birch- our Springer Spaniel who died today

Birch was a rescue dog. More vices you could not have got! She had been abused and we found her looking for a home at a kennels.
I wasn’t too taken on with her to start off with but my hubby immediately took her to his heart and took her home. Within twenty four hours she had killed one of my hens! I wanted her away back.
Sandy said ‘No!’. We needed to persevere.
I’m glad we did. She became the best companion for Sandy. He loved her to bits. I did too, but she was my hubby’s dog. I had my cat.
We cured all vices except one, and that was barking. Even if she knew who she was greeting, she still continued to bark until the person would sit down on the settee.
Over the past week we noticed a marked change in her health. Nothing previously indicated that there as anything ontoward other than she had arthritis in her back legs.
Last night her heart was racing and we really thought she may go ‘home’ during the night. She greeted me this morning, and ate some pieces of chicken. However, there were indicators telling us that all wasn’t well and we needed to get her to the vet. They did an ultrasound on her tummy and discovered she had cancer of the liver and kidneys. When they looked at her lungs it had spread there. The silent killer!
We said ‘goodbye’ about 15:40pm today, 22/01/14.
We are both devastated.
She will now be with Holly our other Springer and having a great time together…along with Aphra our old cat who passed on in 2007. All great pals.
‘I feel so sorry for husband Sandy who lost his dear brother in tragic circumstances on Chrstmas Eve 2013 and now he has lost a wonderful companion that he could pat, hug, cuddle and talk to knowing he wouldn’t get any backchat. He would cry into her fur as he grieved for his bro. Now he also grieves for her, as I do.
RIP Birch. We will always remember you and love you.
Deezy (our cat) misses you.

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