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Thank you to RB friends

Over the past fortnight I have been tirelessly pushing and advancing our awareness and fundraising project in honour of my late brother-in-law Andrew who committed suicide on Christmas Eve 2013.
Four weeks or so ago, another brother-in-law attempted the same thing but thankfully failed and is recovering slowly.
This pushed us to do something to help others and we decided to try and raise funds for our regional Scottish Association For Mental Health (SAMH) charity.
Our crowd platform page has reached it’s target of 100 supporters plus! This means (as the supporter total of 108 has been reached) over 32,000 people will be accessed with our fundraising message and story!
Voting is available for another 5 hours and the page will be launched 12noon today EDT time (our time this will …

Still looking for supporters

Hi all,
As I explained in two previous journals, I am looking for supporters that will help me get a fundraising project out to a wider audience on 28th August.
Many folk suffer mental health issues and many are stigmatised due to it as well. It shouldn’t be that way and because of this, many folk who suffer depression, despondency, despair fail to seek the help they desperately need.
Major life changes; ill health; job loss, a loved one dying; a broken relationship; child abuse; bullying; and the list goes on, can all contribute to a life time of depression and even worse – suicide.
We lost a dear brother in law (my husband’s brother) to suicide on Christmas Eve 2013 and more recently about four weeks ago, we received a phone call to say that another younger brother attem…

Fundraiser now 'live!'

I am fundraising for Scottish Association for Mental Health in honour of a dear brother-in-law who committed suicide on Christmas Eve 2013 and also more recently another brother-in-law who attempted suicide but survived.
In the light of one tragedy and a near-tragedy it compelled us to do something that will help others who are suffering all kinds of issues that in some cases ultimately drive them to suicidal thoughts and often on to suicide. If we can save even one life through our little campaign in our small village of rural South West Scotland and the wider area around us, then we will have succeeded in what we set out to do.
Please read my last journal post here which gives you all the details you need to know.
Your help, whether just in supporting our ThunderclapIt page so we c…

Please support us

if none of you have heard of Thunderclap well here it is explained!
Sandy & I are looking for 100 supporters that will support our fundraising cause for Scottish Association for Mental Health.
You don’t have to donate to do this, just support us. However, if you do wish or feel compelled to donate too, you can visit our fundraising site which is:
At the above site, it gives you the reason why we wish to raise awareness and funds for peole who suffer from mental health issues.
Regarding just the support, please read on.
We have just 13 days to raise these 100 supporters.
Please please support us as we need to reach 100 before the 28th August. To reach that figure means that the Thundercl…

Mental Health Issues fundraising project

Sometimes it takes a while to make people aware of a fundraising project and not only that but people do not know what they are giving to and whether the money actually ever gets to the charity.
I know those friends on here who know me, can trust that any money raised will got the charity my husband and I are nominating.
On Christmas Eve 2013 my brother-in-law (one of my husband’s younger brothers) committed suicide. The shock of the news was a ‘Tsunami-like’ event for us in that it was so devastating; it hit hard and it caused so much grief.
Three weeks before he sadly successfully ended his life we had done our very best to get into his mind and to try every which way to help. Sadly, on that fateful Christmas Eve he could take life no longer and ended it.
The fami…

Remember those who have lost loved ones in the latest plane crash atrocity

Once again we hear of further tragedy in our world. The latest is this Malaysian plane crash.
My heart is so sore to watch the news and the mobile video footage taken by someone on the plane just before take off. People who were alive and within four hours or so have had their lives taken from them in a very tragic way. Humankind is the most destructive of species. Not everyone wishes to kill, maim, harm. Many people only want to share kindness, love, and care in the world.
If you so wish, let’s join together, whatever faith, creed, no faith, no creed, leave your condolences here as a mark of respect. The families may never see this, but it joins us together stronger in the knowledge that we share one thing in common.
That ‘thing’ is loving and caring and feeling…

The Beauty Of Vintage

Over the years beautiful things have come and gone, and for each year that passes, what we have today will one day be vintage too. Years pass and what we considered tat or kitsch suddenly becomes the trend!

Reminiscing is part of all of us and conjures up older things, past items, old-fashioned pieces.

I used to create and carry out reminicsing days at nursing and care homes for the elderly.

There was always an object, whether it was a place, a piece of jewellery, old tools, food, tins, clothing; you name it and somewhere deep in the recesses of the mind a memory would unfold.

My love of collecting was not just for me but extended to others to keep their minds fresh and exercised.

Collecting vintage pieces is not just for myself but something to be shared. Some folk will never collect in…