Celebration Xmas Show

I would like to invite you and your friends to my upcoming show, Celebration. Opening as Sat 14th Dec from 4.00 – 6.00pm, at the Cambridge Studio Gallery, 52 Cambridge St, Collingwood, VIC. Show is on from Dec 11th – 18th.
It is a group show, six artists altogether and I will be showing six works. My works are about Nature, especially the elements of water and earth play an important role. The interaction between ourselves and the essence of these elements is used as a metaphor to express our relationships. I feel that our human nature is intertwined with the external world, such as flow, our sustenance, our potential and our sanctuary or sense of belonging, and that our sense of balance is very much dependent on our recognizing this connection. I deliberately merge the forms so that they exist on a unified plane, and can be read as all having the same value, rather then depicting Nature as a separate entity. The works flatten space but through the process of ‘reading’ the image, we experience a sense of time. The works are very harmonious which uses my knowledge of colour theory to every advantage.
To find out more please visit my website, Sarenart

A Fair Exchange is one of the works.

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