Sara Wilson is a Victoria, Canada based painter and illustrator. She works in Watercolour and Pen & Ink for illustrations and Oil is her preferred medium for painting.



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  • Age: 28
  • Joined: January 2014


More happy Manatees!!

Send me pictures of you with your new swag from my shop and i’ll post it here! Love to see your happy faces!
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Manatee swag!

These Manatees are pretty excited about the arrival of their new swag!
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Homepage featured work!

Hello Redbubbler’s, / So I just signed up for Redbubble because of a friend’s awesome recommendation for the site and the next day I had my “Donuts” piece found and featured on the homepage! How very exciting! I am motivated to make some new work to post sooooon. / My featured piece “Donuts” /…
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