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Flakes of Poetry

SALUTATIONS by James Bryron Love

Surreal temples glitter in the moonlight;
Paling, erupting against star strewn backdrops.
Shudders attest to cold spillage, dewy dampness.
Winters forlorn passing mourned by the few;
Gathering cloaks of red surround pinnacles and firelights.
Time twists and returns in mobius redundancy.
Yearning quests forgotten in nightmares;
Sometimes it has never begun but always ends.
©James Bryron Love 91

UNTITLED by Nicla Rossini

L’orrore del cielo
si staglia in un flebile
eterno pallore
dal peso di nebbia inerte.

Urla l’inerme lamento del merlo
tra l’ottusa corsa nel vuoto
di fatui ominidi inclusi
in gabbie a motore.

Pavia, 2/2/11
© Nicla Rossini 2011

The horror of the heavens
is sketched out in a tremulous
eternal pallor
by the weight of fog, unmoving.

The defenseless blackbird’s cry rings out
between the blunted race into nothingness
of fatuous hominids enclosed
in ephemeral motorized prisons.

Pavia, 2/2/11

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