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RedBubble Calendars 2014 Look Amazing

Just a quick note to say that the Redbubble 2014 Calendars look absolutely fabulous!!
I received mine today and was surprised at the beautiful quality, (expecting it to be normal size and quality). It is a luscious A3 42 × 30 cm with 30 × 24 cm prints.
At around $10 more dollars than a generic calendar half the size, it’s lush quality just jumps out at you!
It arrived in art quality packaging, safe and sound and was worth every cent.
I was super impressed and excitedly took photos to show everyone and began to plan my New year straight away.
So Happy again Redbubble! :D
Great service, Great Quality

Redbubble Xmas Service Amazing!!

Hi, Just a quick little note to say how wrapped I am with Redbubble’s Xmas Service!

I ordered my Xmas cards Sunday night after the Friday Xmas deadline and they arrived today Wed am!! Safe and sound, Sexy and look totally amamay! squeal
This is truly awesome speedy service!
Our little family is very happy! :D
*Mega Positive Feedback!

*I’ve flipped over our little Xmas photoshoot from ‘Private’ so you can have a sneaky peek at the random fun but I won’t be keeping them up. Just to share some Family Xmas Funskis.
Joy and Love to you all !! xx

Bye 2013. Hello 2014

The End of 2013 is Nigh and at this time of year I begin to look back and assess what actually gets done in Artland. I always feel the slight crawl of guilt telling me I could have done more, much more, until I start to crunch numbers and let the numbers talk.
Phew! it’s been busy. I’ve published around 300 artworks, edited at least 3000. Shot 13 series, edited 20. Published a tincy 26 poems, wrote at least double. Had a couple of exhibitions, one local, one interstate. Was graciously featured 47 times, 36 for images, 11 for poems. Finally got around to doing a calender Meanwhile working on a label, songs, renovating a house (sigh) etc, a surprise engagement, planning a huge overseas trip, acquired some new fur babies :D….
Had around 70,000 views so far this year on my muc…

3 Year Anniversary on RB

It’s my 3 year anniversary on the bubble and I’m happy to have just gotten my eightieth feature today! Yay!
I also just made over 130, 500 views, Awesome!!
Happy Halloween all. x

Don't Forget Your BubbleSite is Closing!

‘We have therefore made the decision to close Bubblesites, effective October 31, 2013’

Just a reminder in case people are busy and not on top of their emails. Our bubble sites are closing tomorrow. So if you have something on there you need for future website building, words/info/ideas, you should take a screenshot for each page because they are being closed tomorrow Oct 31st!

It is also a good time to direct people to it for the last time if you really like your layout.

Just in case you don’t know how to for tech luddites like me ( I had to be told how ): Use the prt sc button, often top right of keyboard and paste onto a new image page in an editing program, then crop to fit. You will then be able to view it larger.

Good Luck x

Redbubble Service ***** :D

Just a little note to write about how pleased I am with RB’s printing service!
I ordered an extra large canvas print of Dark for a gallery exhibition and some accompanying promotional Cards and waited with crossed fingers worrying about the resulting quality and arrival as the deadline neared. I have bought t-shirts and cards etc before but this is the first time I bought canvas and needed it to be gallery standard
They arrived 7 days later safe and sound despite an absolute mauling from Australia post. Despite criticisms I’ve seen, the colours were spot on, the canvas corners were properly folded, and the quality is gallery ready. It all was professionally wrapped which saved it’s bacon and the materials were used to great effect. On an economical note, the wrapping is co…


All works here are owned by the artist obviously, they are my ideation, my emotional labour and my tecchy slog…
In all honesty I don’t mind sharing at all, on facebook, blogs, journals etc, just give credit where its due. And don’t be afraid to bmail if you’re on the bubble or email for permission at If you don’t make any money out of your writing I understand and am not going to charge you for reasonable use. I also don’t have a problem with taking inspiration from the art and re-working it in respect of its moral value.
However if you are involved in a profit making enterprise you certainly need to talk with me first. I do ask that any usage to be free from ‘advertising’ including as seen on free websites. I als…

Sale!! - Short Time Only :)

I am changing all my pricepoints up significantly to standard market value!!
This means that technically I’m having a sale on all the work that is still marked at only 20% above base price, ridiculous! As I have to change this one by one, it will take me a little while to get back through the entire catalogue. So, for a short time only you will be able to catch my older works for bottom dollar until they too receive due attention.
Buy now before the prices become NORMAL!

Lots of Love xoxoxo