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Hi! I appreciate your comments and Thankyou you for all the Likes and Favourites! You girls and guys are really gorgeous !! :D. Over 250,000!! views now and counting…:D

I ♥ Redbubble!!! :D The redbubble community has been an awesome and supportive home for my art. Thanks for the love!

Thank you so much for the Features and Sales!! ♥♥♥

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Looks Better Magnified

Due to formatting changes on RB our pics no longer display as well as they used to. The whole website has been mobile adapted at the cost of desktop visibility. So now they are much smaller and you have to use the magnifier to see them in their true glory. / So, / Just so I don’t have to write it on every picture Looks better magnified / Sorcha x
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Help with Loading for People!

Hi, I’ve noticed some people have problems loading their images into Redbubble because their images register as too small for printing. This is because the variety of products has increased dramatically. / Sometimes it’s not because your images lack image quality, they are just a different pixel size to the printing format, perhaps too narrow even. / This is easily fixed, all you ha…
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Managing Portfolio Page. Don't Like it,Get used to it!

Well problem solved. You don’t like your ‘Manage Portfolio’ page get used to it. Because it is not going back to how it was because, “the majority of Redbubble artists support it”. Despite responses like this to the changes: / And apparently we don’t have counters anymore because of roaming bots that aff…
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Managing Portfolio Possible?

Hi, I know I’ve been a bit of a whinger lately but I just CAN’T manage my portfolio any more, it’s just too confusing. I would LOVE to have my old list system back. This enables a scanning method and a real quick editing system. Seriously if you want people to ruthlessly cut down and manage their portfolios this is the better way to do it. This is just too unwieldy. / I’&#…
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