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Hi! I appreciate your comments and Thankyou you for all the Likes and Favourites! You girls and guys are really gorgeous !! :D. Over 250,000!! views now and counting…:D

I ♥ Redbubble!!! :D The redbubble community has been an awesome and supportive home for my art. Thanks for the love!

Thank you so much for the Features and Sales!! ♥♥♥

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Managing Portfolio Possible?

Hi, I know I’ve been a bit of a whinger lately but I just CAN’T manage my portfolio any more, it’s just too confusing. I would LOVE to have my old list system back. This enables a scanning method and a real quick editing system. Seriously if you want people to ruthlessly cut down and manage their portfolios this is the better way to do it. This is just too unwieldy. / I’&#…
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Grey Buttons and Usernames

Hi, my little grey buttons don’t work so I’ve removed them and just use my own created links. Don’t ask me why, they’re exactly the same. / So I was wondering does anybody know how to make a name that doesn’t have a last name? I’ve seen other people with one name, no last name. I’m guessing their using their username, but if you don’t want to use yo…
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*Features Journal!!*

Hi, My feature list is taking up too much space on my profile so I’m moving it to here :) ♥ / POETRY 2013 / Featured in VaVoom / Raven’s feathers / Featured in Art and Ink So Free / bare / Featured in VaVoom and Feminine Intent / not Barbie / Featured in Art and Ink so Free / jardin / Featured in Freedom / The White Queen / Featured in Art and Ink so Free / True Friend / Featured in V…
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Help with New Settings

Hi. I haven’t been online for a while and it RB has changed all its settings again. Does anybody know where the view counter has gone? Or is it just gone? / Sorcha x
Posted about 1 month – 8 comments