Tagging for ARTISTS - seeking votes

Attention RedBubblers: Please vote for my RB suggestion to get tagging for ARTISTS not just their work. With the new limitation on tagging for works, we need to be able to create tags for ARTISTS so that potential buyers can find us! =)

You can read more by checking out the link.



  • bubblehex08
    bubblehex08almost 4 years ago

    I don’t really want it for me myself, but I voted to support all those who want it.
    (How comes that this voting site has an old photo from me that I once used on Facebook, when I post a comment on your voting page?
    That’s the reason why I deleted my comment there. I left Facebook a while ago, but at the least contact they reactivate my account – I hate that!)

    I wish you success with your campaign!

  • thanks sweety for your vote =) Yeah, I got an email with the pic you’re talking about. I’m not sure about that, sorry. I don’t have a pic at all, and have no idea how to put one on, lol!

    – Sarah Bentvelzen