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I am SO excited! Thank you very very very much to whomever purchased a greeting card of Wings of an Angel! This is my first sale and I am extremely overjoyed to have finally sold one of my works. This is amazing. So THANK YOU for appreciating my work enough to want to purchase a piece of it. You’ve just made my week. :D

Wings of an Angel

SOLD MAY 18, 2010!

Canon L Lenses

Hey Everyone!
So I’ve decided to make a new group! ::yay yay:: But it’s my first time hosting a group so I’m a little scared. :[ Ahh! However, I’d love for anyone who wants to join my group to JOIN IT! :) The group is Canon L Lenses. So if you shoot with a Canon L lens, I’d love to see your shtuff!


OH! And by the way, if you LOVE birds, Erik and I host another group as well…Bird Photography …so hop on over to his group and join it as well!