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How could you want me gone? STOP BSL by Sanguine

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How could you want me gone? STOP BSL by 

(Petition Sites listed at the bottom, its not just pits that are being discriminated against)

I am a proud American Pit bull Terrier owner. This is my little girl Ginger Pantera. Just look at that little face, shes the biggest baby there ever was. Not everyone sees it that way though, people have gotten to where they hear the word “pit bull” or see a pit and cringe. The mass media along with politicians have made it their goal to ban this breed along with 3 other breeds that are considered pitbulls. It is known as BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). They have made it a point to only make known the negative things that have been done by pits whereas the POSITIVE things that pits have done never makes the front page, much less ever makes it to the news at all. Did you know the most decorated dog in the US military was a pit bull? Also the countless number of pit bulls who have protected their families from harm by intruders, house fires, other dogs/animals….the list goes on. What about the countless number of pit bulls that are used in search and rescue operations, used as rehabilitation & therapy animals for the elderly? Less than 0.0001% of pitbulls are dangerous…there are more sex offenders living within 5 miles of your home than there are dangerous pit bulls!

Responsible owners make responsible dogs, just because irresponsible owners have raised pits in a bad way which has resulted in them being ill tempered, all pits are headed towards punishment for it.

I refuse to let my little girl be a statistic of BSL like thousands of other pits have been. If you have an opportunity to get to know a pit, take the chance to see how loving and caring they are rather than being afraid of them. If you are responsible enough to handle a big dog, that has tons of love to give, adopt a pit. Most shelters put pit bulls down within 48 hours of being obtained, if you can save just one before that happens, do it. None of these dogs ask to be born, none of them ask to be mistreated, none of them ask to have owners who couldn’t take time to train them, none of them ask to be euthanized. Stop BSL and save this loving loyal breed!

“You made me what I am today, courage at its best.
You wanted me to know no fear, a cut above the rest.
Not only did I master that, I’ve thrown in loyalty, too.
Look past my eyes into my soul, you know I’d die for you.
I’ll watch your kids, I’ll watch your house.
Your praise will be my crown,
Ask what you will-I’ll do my best, I’ll even be your clown.
But some of you don’t like me, I really don’t know why.
The only thing I’m guilty of is courage, love, and try.
But still they want to see me go, they want my breed to end.
Will I see you sitting idly by? You, whom I call a friend?
You made me what I am today, you never saw me waiver.
I’ve done my best to keep you safe. Won’t you please return the favor.”

American Pit Bull Terrier Prayer

Lord, who watches over all animals, It is my prayer and my request that you grant greater understanding, and acceptance to humans; those who love us, and those who hate us.

That they will know how loyal we are, how brave we are, and how loving we are. Help them to accept us as a breed in whole, and not let the few tragedies shine brighter then the many great traits that we have.

And those who would kill me, let them know, I forgive them even though I don’t understand their hatred. And those who would beat me, let them know I still love them, even though it is not the honorable way.

Thank you for all the strong traits that you have given to me and my breed. Help those to know that I stand for courage, strength, loyalty, and bravery. And as my master already knows, let those who would come against my family know that I would surely die defending them.

And just one thing that I would ask: Let my master know, that if you should call me away, that I will wait patiently at those pearly gates until the one who chose me comes home.

Pit Bulls Don’t Cry
I see the children in the lane
They look like friends, we’ll have a game
They’ve got a stick, oh boy, what fun
They’ll throw it for me and I’ll run

But someone stops me,
I wonder why their mother screams?
Don’t go near those horrid dogs, come here, come close
They’re dangerous – I’ll tell you why
They bite children and they die!

All I can do is watch and sigh
Cause now I know that Pit Bulls don’t cry

Mom cuddles me up and says
“My pet, We love you dearly so don’t you fret”
But I love everyone out there
Why can’t they love me? I do care

I wish they weren’t made to pass me by
I’m a Pit Bull, I don’t cry

I sit behind my padlocked gate
From early morn til quite late
When I go out it’s on a lead
Is mine the only heart to bleed?

I’m held in check as the world goes by
I wish the Pit Bull heart could cry

There are some dogs, and also men
Who cannot tell a foe from a friend
So all of us must bear the blame
Expected to live a life of shame
Condemned, alas and we know not why

All we know is we will not cry!

Author Unknown

For more information about BSL and other links of interest concerning these big babies, check these sites out

All or Nothing Pitbull Rescue

Pitbulls on The Web


Pitbull Rescue Central

Real Pitbull

American Pitbull Registry

Don’t hate the breed, hate the deed!

Listing of multiple petitions against Pitbull discrimation

(Photo taken after first snow storm in south central Virginia in 2009…Miss Ginger is 6 months old in the photo, she had been following us on a 4-wheeler ride and was cold and tired and wanting a ride home)

All we need is love… All we want is a chance. – T-Shirt

(featured in APBT – American Pitbull Terrier) on May 4, 2009)


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  • Kelsey Williams
    Kelsey Williamsalmost 5 years ago

    She looks like a cute little doggie. :)
    You’re right, it’s the treatment these animals receive that makes the difference. Although rottweilers still scare me quite a bit. :(

  • It is definitely the treatment. A friend of mine adopted one of the pits that was taken from Michael Vick in Virginia, her name was Seven (she’s now deceased), she had been used in his sick twisted games of dog fighting, even though she had been mistreated, she was so appreciative to have a good loving owner, no one would have ever known she had been used for those purposes. There have been so few cases of a pit not being able to be rehabilitated and introduced into a loving home, they are so forgiving and so thankful when they are given what they deserve and need, which is love. Brandon Bond has All or Nothing PIt Bull Rescue in Atlanta, GA, he took a couple of the Vick dogs as well, and they are fantastic family pets even though they had previously been used for fighting. Like people, they are capable of changing permanently for the better. Before I write a book here, thank you for you comment on my baby girl! As you can tell this is an issue that is very important to me, I can ramble about it for hours.

    – Sanguine

  • Kelsey Williams
    Kelsey Williamsalmost 5 years ago

    Dog fighting is horrendous. I can’t understand the minds of people who could ever do that to an animal. The people who shelter previously mistreated animals and care for them are truly some of the kindest souls. xxoo

  • Sally Omar
    Sally Omaralmost 5 years ago

    A beautiful pup!!!! It is terrible that the bred has gotten so much bad publicity…it is not the
    pitbull…but the owners who are irresponsible and cruel….A fantastic shot and I am very
    happy you have brought this matter to light….Hugs, Sally xoxoxoxo

  • Thank you! The opportunity to spark thought about what politicians are trying to accomplish with BSL couldn’t be passed up. I pondered posting it for the last several weeks as it was an unintentional “puppy album” shot with no real attention to any artistic aspects of it. The more I’ve looked at it, I figured the worst that could happen is it would get very few views, but at the same time, each person who views it may take the time to read whats with it. I’m glad to see there are others here that agree with “Punish the deed and NOT the breed!”!! :)

    – Sanguine

  • Cathy Cale
    Cathy Calealmost 5 years ago

    The only problem I’ve had with pit bulls is they think they are little dogs and want to sit in your lap like a little puppy!! LOL I’ve know some very sweet ones. Also the same with rotties. My friend had one that was huge and she tried to sit right on my lap!!!! I too agree, it’s all in how they are raised. And your baby girl is a cutie!! ({:o)

  • Thank you for agreeing! For Ginger to be almost 8 months now, she weighs about 40lbs of solid muscle and thinks that she is a 10lb lap dog, lol. When she wants attention, if you try to ignore her, she will get in your lap, put her paws on your shoulders to hold you down and proceed to give you a very unwanted bath! lol. Bedtime comes around, and shes in the middle of the bed, snoring, and wont move for nothing, you just kind of have to lay around her.

    – Sanguine

  • Susanne Correa
    Susanne Correaalmost 5 years ago

  • Ginny York
    Ginny Yorkalmost 5 years ago

    Hi Julie! I totally agree with everything you have to say here. I have been breeding these beautiful loving dogs for just a little over 30 years. They are really funny and very sweet. Petie from the Little Rascals was an APBT. He is who I model my dogs after. When I lived in Rhode Island over 20 years ago, the State tried to ban this wonderful breed. I got alot of people together and we fought the bill they wanted to pass….and we won! They made the bill into a Vicious Dog law instead of being Breed Specific. They tried to pass one in Lynn, Mass. back then, just after, and a few of us helped the owners up there form a group call The Responsible Dog Owners of Lynn….and you know …they fought that bill and won too. In the process it was found out that reports of incidents that had happen were duplicates making the situation look worse than what it was….and most of the reports turned out not to even be our breed. Funny how they still went into the paper as Pit Bulls though. I agree about standing up for your breed….whatever it is. They are all born just dogs. I love that you wrote this “article” about the breed. I hope lots of people will read it and understand that they are a wonderful loving animal. They do get a bad rap and I agree that with any dog…it’s the owner. A dog just does what it is told to do or trained to do…..and neglected sometimes doesn’t know what to do. I live in Virginia now…for the past 20 years. We didn’t get the snow! :) :) So glad about that!!! Your little red nose is very cute and looks happy even though she is cold. I think this is a nice shot of her….and I love everything you wrote. So instant favorite!! :)) :))

  • Ginny York
    Ginny Yorkalmost 5 years ago

    PS Congradulation on your Feature in the APBT Lovers group! Well deserved! :))

  • Hi Ginny! Thank you for sharing! That just proves that enough of us as owners stand up for our dogs, we can stop this from happening. :)

    – Sanguine

  • onefourseven
    onefoursevenover 3 years ago

    A gorgeous animal!! I can relate to Cathy’s comment above and your reply in a big way!! :)

    Off to search your portfolio for more shots of this beautiful girl. :)

  • Thank you! I have a lot more shots of her that I need to finish editing and upload. I’ll tr to get some done over the next week, so check back!

    – Sanguine

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