Je Suis Charlie

This past week, the activities of everyday life came to a screeching halt, as I sat, riveted to my television, watching the tragic events, taking place in my beautiful city of adoption, unfold. My emotions ran the usual gamut, from incomprehension, to shock, to the deep sadness that leaked from my soul and ran down my cheeks, to intense anger and indignation, finally returning to total incomprehension, each phase accompanied by the usual questions; Why? How? WHAT??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??
Now, as I write this, I am once again riveted to the television, as hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of people take to the streets of Paris, of France and many other cities around the world. People of every age, color, confession, nationality, standing together in the aftermath of tragedy, united …

The First 24 Hours

When I woke-up yesterday morning my head was full of the nagging, scary problems I’m having to deal with at the moment and all of the un-fun stuff that needs to be done. Not the most pleasant way to begin the day. And then I found redbubble! It changed the course of my day. In less than 24 hours I’ve been in contact with some beautiful, talented people. Their warm enthousiasm and encouragement have brightened my day and touched my heart! Not a bad start! Cheers! : )