In every photographer there was a painter, a true artist awaiting expression. – Pablo Picasso
Taking oneself seriously is very dangerous. – Marcel Duchamp

My name is Sandy and my favourite colour is rainbow.

I like to take photos – a lot.

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a bit of scribble

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Challenge winner which way group

Just a little bit of me big noting myself over a challenge win! / It’s not my first but it is my highest vote count in a challenge, and an image I’m really proud of, taken on my compact Canon A720 back when photography was just beginning to grip it’s nails into my skin… I have taken many images since Her Journey Begins Here / and the title was a reference to my gorgeous ne…
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Home Page Feature

My image Eat at Neath was featured on the Homepage today. / When all else was looking glum, along comes the big homepage feature to brighten my day… / Trying to remember to breathe =]
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Today is just the beginning

i now choose to stop expecting myself to be a disabled character unable of anything more than survivable actions and start to see myself as a highly capible individual able to achieve any goal i set myself and to excell at any task i choose to give 100% too…. / that’s my new years resolution starting today :D:D / Maxine Ward, 32 / Amazingly talented, eloquent, and prone to make me lau…
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