Home page feature

I don’t usually do a lot of journals but I am so thrilled I wanted to share the good news with my friends. “Horses in the Snow” is featured on the home page today. What a wonderful start to my day and many, many thanks to Red.


Indy has graduated from puppy class. She had to sit stay and down stay for a minute each, which was sooooo hard for her. Here is her graduation picture, a little blury, but I forgot my camera:)

Honey - A German Shepherd Dog

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you I had to put my darling Honey down yesterday. Honey had been suffering from neurological back problems since April and I had tried everything to help her including a chiropractor. She had really gotten a lot worse since Christmas. I finally made the decision to let her go and I held her in my arms during her last moments. I remember years ago when I got my first dog, my dad told me all the responsibilities that went with owning a dog and one of them was to let the dog go when the time came. Its not easy and everytime I go in the house and she’s not there to greet me I start crying, but I know deep down I did the only thing I could. I will be getting a new puppy soon, I won’t ever forget my Honey, we went through a lot together. Some pe…