by Sandra Vargas

One day Celine was hurt,
deeply inside.
She felt so very sad that she locked her fragile heart in a trunk,
hidden from the sun
where nobody could hurt it again.
She appeared to be so cold and distant,
but she was not.
And days slipped away from her hands,
until somebody came to her with a beautiful diamond.
“Too shiny”, she said.
And let him go.
Somebody came with a magnificent book,
the man seemed to be so cultivated, but without soul.
“Too vain”, she said
And let him go.
Somebody came with a beautiful and shiny lamp,
to warm her cold hands.
“Too hot”, she said.
And let him go.
And days went by,
when a little robin stood at her window,
red as her hidden heart,
black as her sadness,
bringing a delicate tiny flower right to her hands.
Then, Celine ran to take her heart from the hidden trunk,
and showed it to the little bird
who smoothly tweeted lovely notes.
She couldn’t hide a tear, running on her pale cheek,
shiny as a diamond
warm as a lamp
And her heart started to beat again,
And smiled,
And started to love again ♥

© Sandra Vargas

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