no picnic at Hanging Rock

I’ve had me a recurrent
A nightmare, if you will
About the day, Dicko and me
Climbed the great big hill…

We’d been trekking now for days
In preparation for our climb
I filled my water bottle with gin
And him, a sparkling wine

We hauled our back packs, full of gear
To take photos of the view
Kissed terra firma goodbye for now
Oh, if I had only ‘knew’

We reached base camp eventually
Vertical, I kid you not
The mighty pile of lava
The bloody Hanging Rock

The ascent indeed enlightening
I never knew, in fact
That climbing on all fours
Was such a sexy act

Just as well that I was sober
And never saw the edge
For I’d have stumbled over it
And toppled on the ledge

Dick grabbed my hand and ‘reefed’ me
To rescue all his gear
Coz it cost a bloody fortune
“Hold on tight”, he said “no fear”

If we had just stuck to the path
The way I begged him to
We would not have lost our breath and way
Like our fellow climbers, few

Along a narrow grade, “not much farther now”
SURE, had I believed him
We’d probably still
Be wondering, how?

I plonked my bum upon a boulder
And said “NO, I am done”
“Not a footstep further”
“Asinine, my race is run”

So alone he staggered off
To finally reach the summit
While I was content to stay
On the rock and bum it (that’s so bad :-)

He left me with the Rebel
I took shots, when I was game
But after a swig of ’ water
All rocks start to look the same

I thought of Peter Weir
About his movie, set in 1900
Young girls from a private school
Disappeared and were redundant

It was eerie on the rock
All alone except for moss
“It’s all yer fault Dick, get back here”
But he couldn’t give a toss

He got his shots, content at last
Hooray, we could finally head back home
For this was a misadventure
Never here again, I’d roam

The descent was more relaxed
Til Dick began to shake
For on the path in front of us
Was a giant Tiger snake

“Quick, take cover, behind me”
“I know just what to do”
I held the Tiger snake aloft
Lassoed and then I threw

“Run for your life, don’t wait for me”

On deaf ears, for he was gone
And when I got back to the car
He had the motor on

I unloaded all the gear
Lensbaby, Rebel and stock
“Where’s the tripod?” I yelled to him
“Damm, I left it on the summit… bloody Hanging Rock ” …

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no picnic at Hanging Rock by 

For Dick …who is a wonderful friend and takes a mighty fine photo :))
Dick, as you may remember, this is EXACTLY how it happened, hehe…
PS…no Tiger snake was harmed in the making up of this story


  • Marg Thomson Photography
    Marg Thomson P...over 4 years ago

    What a cracker of a tale Sandra! This was just hi-larious! What a day:) Can’t wait for the shots LOL! xoxox

  • Hi Marg…it was SOME day, hehe ( you are right about the hi – larious, clever::)
    Thankyou gorgeous
    sandra x

    – sandra .

  • Lisa  Jewell
    Lisa Jewellover 4 years ago

    Oh yeah baby,

    that was bloody brilliant,

    I’d love to hear you recite this is the stuff of legends,
    though I was a bit disappointed you were only swigging water…

    you are my hero darling…I want to see you lasso a tiger snake,
    can you do it again
    can ya


    hehe so much fun xoxoxo

  • Thanks Lisa :))
    I’m over tiger snakes…how about ‘we’ wrestle a croc next ? :)
    sandra x

    – sandra .

  • Gitana
    Gitanaover 4 years ago

    hahaha!! wonderful! xx

  • G’day Gitana…thankyou so much, I am very grateful :)
    sandra x

    – sandra .

  • Arcadia Tempest
    Arcadia Tempestover 4 years ago

    I love your pen Sandra-baby ….you got the belly jiggling in the best laugh, the face in full score grin and you are such a wonderful storyteller…
    Now just to hear Dick’s version me thinks.. ;o)
    Nah,….. I believes ya …xxx

  • Thanks KarenSue…Dick would concur about this story …under threat that I may push him off the rock AGAIN, hehe
    What a day doll.
    Wearing my best climbing ‘sandals’ !!!
    sandra x

    – sandra .

  • rjcolby
    rjcolbyover 4 years ago

    Yes Sandra…… Exactly as I remember it… Wonderfully told my friend. I laughed all the way through…
    @KS… I would not dare to change a word… ;)

  • G’day Dick…Glad to see that you have the same fond memories of this day as me, inaccurate though they may be, hehe :))
    sandra x

    – sandra .

  • Mel Brackstone
    Mel Brackstoneover 4 years ago

    LOL!!!!!! Good one Sandra :)

  • Thanks Mel,
    You photographers will go anywhere for THE shot..
    sandra x

    – sandra .

  • lianne
    lianneover 4 years ago

    Oh this was so clever – and delightful and visual all at once. What a fabulous laugh for a no-sleep night. Now I’ll see this wonderful story in my dreams instead of the ones that were there! Thanks for that – and a great piece of verse besides!

  • Thankyou so much Lianne…
    My girlfriend and I get together and laugh so hard, the feel good endorphins we create are just wonderful…
    Please sleep well and dream of bright and ‘feel better’ things
    Be in touch
    sandra x

    – sandra .

  • Soaps
    Soapsover 4 years ago

    How beautiful, I am smiling from ear to ear…………. lovely write my dear xx

  • Hi Soaps …so pleased to see you here…
    Thankyou sweetie, have fun (hope the computer issue is sorted)
    sandra x

    – sandra .

  • TheWanderingBoo
    TheWanderingBooover 4 years ago

    absolutely brilliant!

  • G’day Simon…thankyou chum, appreciate
    sandra x

    – sandra .

  • uncleblack
    uncleblackover 4 years ago

    this is wonderful. great stuff.

  • G’day Uncleblack…thankyou for beiing here
    I too, like to write songs (i have a few)
    Maybe you may post one here for ‘us’ to listen to ( love that) :)))
    sandra x

    – sandra .

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