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Remembering Spring by sandra . and the light, of the night… I made a bed for you by my fire / And tended you when you were low / I rubbed your tired shoulders with listen / You massaged my fingers wi… “these days are ours” “What can I get you Ma’am?” / Oh my. / This is the “Happy Days” of my dreams. / The diner, resplendent in i… Question time So sad the song / that no one hears. / As words of meant / fall on deaf ears. / And hearsay beats / unruly past / for those of mute / with … Curious… Somewhere between cradle and grave. / Where sway is a true Libran. / Weights are shifted / back and forth / to keep a balance. / And I lo… the footprint and the impressionable sand We could, you know! / Once more / trip as we did. / To that place / our place. / Where smiles fall from the curls of our corners / as slow … I see your pain and raise you one tear. Let it be a friendly game. / One not played for sheep stations. / With an outcome that is of no matter. / You know, hearts always take a ga… He was into antiques Friday night buzzed with the / stroll of late night trading. / Office workers, their week over, / ambled the farmer’s market feel. / … of Beauchamp Falls We trepidate the deep ravine / to waterfall by verdant green. / Where icy crash of water pure / deafens ears to banks allure. / Frond the f… Bong…bong bong bong! A glockenspiel! / You’ve got to be kidding me man. / Bong / Bong bong bong. / Well, that’s embarrassing! / Not only is my range limited / I… “If you never did you should. These things are fu… on desk / on floor / against the wall / it’s true / it’s true / I have a few / it is not here / or over there / my word! / my word / is eve… I’m the singer not the song… It’s knot you know / this thread we share / fine silver loop / of fluffy bare. / Tho’ bound we be / as if for reel / while bobbin’ loose / … Rooted in goodness is my Jacaranda Promises lie deep. / Fragrant as rice paper tho’ they are, / their scent is merely enveloped in wishes. / They are fleeting. / And of the s… who Who / that like a tinnitus / rings in my night? / Shrill. / Unjust. / the diatribe / Reverb! / Reverb! / With weary feet now raised / as i… …and then the light of dappled hue embodied… we shake our cloth / upon the breeze / in earth shine now / a heart appease. / friendship’s left / our night is done / count the emp… I think I can, I think I can…I know I can I took a train of thought today / an express of no regret / wind blown on the platform / as the whistle blew, we’ve met / my train stopped … If we just close our eyes … and dream of ge… A genius he was / so I let him rub my belly and wish me. / …Transported / a dimly lit bar on the rue the jour. / Cobblestones that m… for the love of Ivy…xx Conceive me in meant. / Make of me / in love’s resemble. / In cradle / rejoice my birth, / that in nurture / sups my growth. / Fill … “Now, bring me that horizon.” – Johnny Depp “see that dot on the horizon? / well, that’s you” Buddha’s tears fall as the scented pearls t… Again / she has her fill / then only leaves / me / now cold / used / amid the other chipped souls / in wait of her next pleasure / Once / a… I lost my poetic licence in Curdie Vale I raise my glasses to my wonderful friends here and wish you all a spectacular new year… / xx A Renaissance of sort Lute. / My string / thy bridge / my pluck and play. / Tune me taut. / My neck / as oh my back / deep round. / In rhythm that bends me swee… I ♥ U x 26 + … Be the best ‘letter’ U can be :) a note to Penny, spiral bound “Imagination is a powerful precursor to the change you wish to see, ya know?” one foot in the grave and one in his pants :) Gather round and snuggle in, / I have a tale to share / About a creepy haunted house / and the spirit I saw there / A dark and misty nigh… Now … breathe deeply, taste the past and sm… Sometimes there is no rhyme … no reason / We skip, break into dance. / The light is fantastic. / Our trippy smile complacent …… copious cupids and crows “Go on”, prodded the elbow. / Allow the weep that nocturnes with the hum of a thousand trapped butterflies; / puddle in their … and in that acceptance, comes discernment, for th… If you were to run your hands over me / tender and true / you may feel a scar / Always well hidden / never on view / but it is there and if… lessons in ball dresses Left / on my doorstep / a package / i lifted / carried the weight / inside / excited / a warm and fuzzy. / Plain the parcel / well travele… My blue heaven I felt you whisper in my ear / as I turned my thoughts to sleep / an echoed voice now far away / a still that hollows deep / where once a s… floating in ponder I have been / kissed by the night / tempted / as the big juicy apple / shy once / bitten / proffered by the hand / of wild belief / tha… a smile becomes you My dreamy eyes look with a far away love toward peace. / For within this visioned dream, / where my heart stars, / I am free to see my trut… In tempt of sonnet Love, like honey, mellow cured / a sugared lust fires deep desire / passion’s quest embrace allured / bare early raise morn’s… I just don’t think he’d understand Daisy Daze and Spooky Looks were lovers / Hazy Stares and Fancy Gaze just friends / But when Daisy realized that there were others / Our … my bohemian rhapsody Today I braided my hair, / brushed and swept up my locks into two little pigtails, / and fashioned dangly plaits that framed my smiling fac… Of sweet dreams …and quiet breathing We mallow toasted and our hearts / On earth fire twigs of eve / And gazed at flames on campfire bed / As sparks flew warm believe / On pai… It’s all in the wrist action… If love is the boomerang / Hope the flight path / Acceptance the trajectory / Peace the destination / Be ever mindful the ‘throwR… letters from the tender place Dear heart … / I close over the shutters of my self impose and in linger of dawn, / draw back my duvet. / The smell of your tender s… a lover’s reason has no rhyme Far it was, mere yesterday / In tuck of dream to sleep. / Awoke the gentle morn remind / of thought that travels deep. / In coax of hope to… being for the benefit… of moths in flight There was no tango, only vaudeville…slapstick and gaiety. I am aware, now In the teasing silence of still . / The kind of still that hums with all the trappings of now- sounds- familiar. / Like a whispered song … The Angel of the North A shadow cast through arms outreached / Of hope, / of strength, / a guiding trust / A symbol borne of windswept steel / A unity of peo… be still, my beating heart, just be On turquoise balm of tranquil play / In sheltered harbour of sea view / A penguin surfed the warm adore / Aware of we that many grew / Sh… penguin by sandra . reason shaken, but not stirred It takes a life time to write a poem. / For we are that poem. / We are that lifetime. / Borne untouched. / We leave the safety of a warm co… ’twas on a misty more… Shallow knights on sallow steeds / Gallop wildly toward their needs / Unkempt, they choose, no other course / Hollow deeds of no remorse /… from the depth of my heart comes acceptance From the depth of my heart I will sing you this song / For as we travel apart know I have loved all along / And as we dust ourselves off p… Participles have feelings too you know, present o… Tempted, look 0ver your ‘right’ shoulder and glimpse your past. / Do you choose to spin anti your heart wise, or lift and soar… tho' hearts may wash away, love will last forever by sandra . a brilliant rainbow for you Today is a pumpkin bread kind of day. / Steamy pull apart, in raise of my knead / Cool now / My bake lashed with the spread of thick cream … This poem is all about love This poem is not about the deflate that the heart feels. / Laid bare and exposed, sucked dry with thumping ache. / Nor the pointless why’s … Bing, mon chéri The nursery had suggested the Manchurian cultivar, / but nope, / Bing was it for me! / He came from good stock, / well known as a prolif… mmm, perfect fit…a new day :) Today, I will wear Nothing…and that suits me just fine / I will undo the buttons that tease me / Throw off the garb that denies me / … I will colour me a bright new day and it will tas… The trueness of love is not a secret hidden amongst spirit. / Nor a lustre that derides pleasure squinting for fuss or favour. / More, a br… adrift we are, in the sea of humble cliché…… A once blue moon, bright in curtsey / Of a mind as deep as it is unfathomable. / In an ocean, simply taboo, now in ascent / We kissed an… Dichotomy in C Major Alone, left not a sound / nor word of extricate. / As humble pie they slid. / Words unfinished, like / fancy work embossed / on the hand ex… a bedtime story…and then what happened? …and so he comes. / Always / As a promise not made. / Aromatic as the spice of far away adventure. / Buttons shiny. / Pocket full of … i :: :. Lingo my character / oh yes, please do / Locate my margin / and doodle subliminal messages as the sweet jargon of our hiatus / Let’… it takes two… She lowers her eyes in downcast gaze / Her beat now in raised flutter / Her composure stoic / She takes his lead / rhythmic / His hand / i… tra la la la la la la la etc … We tripped over our words / Sweet drippy syllables, full of adore / Sticky in their meander, / as they drizzled in their presumption / … know wonder… The truly sun beams in shy routine / Hovering in cover / behind clouds of wispy wimpy / She sinks and takes her leave / only to shine on th… thought, you moved on… There is a moment / Between here and there / Where thoughts relate / Of care and wish / Be it page’s edge / Where words run off…… love on the rocks I ‘ringed’ around the advert, on the envelope, a stamp / For I had a secret longing, to join a nudist camp / My resume accepted and an inte… seduce me trice As fingers rest upon the glimmer that once gathered dust / Whilst we each posture wisdom on another desert island / As parting words that… lemon verbena and caraway seeds… Stay a while in my calm / Breathe the still / I will brew for you / Verbena tea in my best floral chintz pot / Cosy of pinks and greens i… I can-can and you can-can and so they fell … / Tears as pearly quaver / Salty in their pas de deux from her realize / A can-can polka in strip tease of soul ba… I was up all night, wrapping this for you… And in the still of catch your breath / Of between the moments mind / Was snuggled down a vibrant watch / Of thought, the sharing kind / … no more yesterdays All the pieces fell in place / We had ourselves some amazing grace / We dotted ‘eyes’ and touched on ‘would’ / And we even wond… speak softly, love And on the green where daisy’s danced / Breezes gathered, blew romance / Was spread the rug of worldly thread / Of soft desire, a fragra… In threads of seduction, per se Forever I embroider your name upon my fancywork / A quilt of no never mind, a patchwork that one day you would appear / I remember not whe… affaire de coeur In heady slumber of toss and turn once were worriers… Say it. / Say the words. / That dare tickle with remind on your tongue. / Cascading thoughts that beacon time. / That hurtle your mind in r… anais This is our time / Our story / To be of rendezvous bare thought / Thrill with heart affairs in frolic / As fabric unfurls / Chemise abides… I Love You on the piano… My favourite room sits comfortably amid the twilight of ambience. / A baby grand romances its notes, warm in tempo by the fire side. / Flam… heirlooms… Bert / He was a recluse / Eccentric in this world / Check shirt and gumboots / Braces that no longer need hold / Britches of half mast, a… no picnic at Hanging Rock I’ve had me a recurrent / A nightmare, if you will / About the day, Dicko and me / Climbed the great big hill… / We’d been trekking now for… say cheese… There it goes, oh my goodness, did I see right? / A furry grey creature darting in/out of sight / With bucky front teeth and a long and pin… The tale of Cold Duck and Hot Rabbit …a timely tale about a ‘bunny’ … Kismet and Bravado’s roamin’ adventur… Let’s pretend its kismet / I’m not opposed to that / We can meet in the piazza / Have ourselves a chat / You’ll know me by my red dress … bel canto da capo (beautiful song from the beginn… “What, with your high notes and my desire for harmony, we are the perfect duet”
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