Live and Learn, I guess

One day after I requested my images be reinstated as UBISOFT never filed any charges in the 14 days, and I had proven that my images predate their game, so couldn’t be derivitave of their game, and UBISOFT doesn’t own the copyright to the words/phrase “Assassin’s Guild Meeting”, the three photos that received a takedown notice from UBISOFT have been reinstated. For that, I am grateful.

What I’m not so grateful about is how I was “guilty until you prove yourself innocent”, and what I had to go through to prove I wasn’t guilty of intellectual property infringment/theft. That someone can make a false claim, and Redbubble didn’t even look, just removed access to the images.

Another photo hosting site received the same takedown notice. Looked at my images, looked at the claim, told UBISOFT their claim had no merit, dismissed their claim, and that was it.

I’ve been with RedBubble almost since it’s inception. While I don’t expect favored or special treatment, this “guilty until proven innocent” has made me rethink putting up any more Concept Photoshoot images.

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  • Sandra Chung