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THE TOO TALL NEST: a children's story about a sandhill crane family

Chapter 1

Late one wintry day on a pond
with dusk’s pink light melting all
Sandy H. Crane told her true, steel-blue mate

“It’s time, my love, almost too late!
It’s time for us
to build a new nest.
This year
OURS will be
the very, very best”

Sandy wanted a nest
full of grace,
perfectly round,
from rim to its
So, the Cranes began
to pile up
and soft muddymush.
It had to be cozy,
and quite dandy,
water, food, shade
all very handy.
It had to be
warm, cool, watertight or sitting upon
through many a cold,
rainy night.
But her dream-nest
had to be
above all,
a thing of beauty and
most fantastically
Her perch not only must fit
her long legs,
and odd size;
She decided her nest must remain a surprise…..
(But how?
Right under Seymour’s eyes?)
Then Sandy had an idea !

Those chicks were due to hatch
right when
Seymour’s own
HATCHDAY bash date was set.
Wouldn’t it be special to
share their hatchdays together,
once they met ?
They’ll be 3 birds of a feather!
Their Hatchday party will bond them forever. What a surprise, a tricky feat to realize
….but Sandy was determined.

Now, how to do it
to build their nest so discretely.
“I know! I’ll keep him busy,
fetching silly things
to weave in.
He won’t even notice how
I’ll gently
deceive him.
“OH! My truest, greybluest,
Please bring yonder
soft moss back to
Me. ”
“No sooner said than
done, ”
honked her
dearest, clueless, devoted one.”
So, while dear Seymour kept
watch or was sleeping,
Sandy H. Crane tucked all his gifts beneath her
for safekeeping.

NOW, SANDY reshaped, replumped, redecorated
her nest.
Thus it grew and grew
into the pond’s very
best .

“My darling grey- feathered-red- topped Love.
My precious lumpkin from rainbows above,
Would you do me a favor
Would you fetch
3 sticks from yonder trees?.”
“ Anything for you my sweet,
my beauty.
To serve you is my loving duty.”



It takes 31 days and nights
to hatch 2 sandhill chicks
just right.
31 days and 31 nights
to hide her beautiful nest
from Seymour’s sight.
So, day after day,
week after
Sandy Crane found ways to evade dear Seymour’s peek.

my Love ‘til I die,
PLEASE fetch 7 downy duck feathers
to keep the nest dry.”


Now and then,
Seymour did start to wonder,
what was up with this nest,
both on top
and down
Sandy’s mood was good,
her words always dear,
but something odd
was happening here.
His mom and his dad never said wives turned strange,
but now Seymour was wondering how all this did change.

Still, he fetched and fetched
all the things Sandy‘d
hoping the end would hurry
and end this long test!


SANDY’S nest kept on growing,
higher and higher,
Sandy’s long legs began to
dangle, tangle and tire.

Seymour , too, was longing for rest,
from this constant hauling of stuff for that nest.
Slowly and surely thirty long days did
but no cheep cheep,
no egg-cracking,
no new lad
or young lass!
By now poor Sandy sat a –top a skyscraper,
So high,
so sure to be a thighbreaker.


T’was lonely up there, above the trees and the water,

Sandy suddenly wondered how she ought to return back down
to dear Seymour and firm

Way up in the treetops
she began to sob,
“ Oh Seymour, my nest ‘s beauty did rob
us of this special time,
I want down right now!
But how?”
Then all of a sudden
she heard a faint CHEEP!
A wiggle below her, a wee, tiny
then a deep, loud
The too tall nest started to
Here she was, a MOTHER
too high off the ground
with Seymour nowhere to be found.
A chick’s teensy beak was going PECK ,PECK, PECK,PECK!
Poor Too Tall Sandy felt like a wreck.
Where was her darling mate,
HE’D know what to do….
She, all alone on her mountaintop nest,
crying BOO HOO,
clearly not knowing what to do
with TWO pecking
stirring right there beneath those long, skinny legs.

“Seymour!! Oh Dear, darling Seymour!!

Is that really you way down there?
Our chicks are coming but I’m too high in the
I only meant to
surprise you
with my tall, stately

But now I see
how I was mistaken
at best.
What can I do to keep our babes secure?
Our nest is way too dangerous,
I’m sure.
“Oh Seymour, please fetch me just one
last littlething.
I know,
THIS one will
Really matter.
Please go find us a LADDER! “

Sure enough, Seymour knew just where to look.
He was back in a jiffy, with one ladder and
He latched the hook to the
now- chirping nest
it could rest best then tugged it to the ground where.
Sandy then flew down on her own
to her darling man,
no longer

They peered at their babes
and started to count:
4 wings , 12 toeses,
4 poppin’ eyes , 2 long, shiny noses.One girl and one boy.
“ Oh my pride,my
How silly it was to build a nest so tall,
WHEN what is truly near and so dear was right here after all!
I just had to look past my long, skinny nose….
The truth is right there
‘tween my red head and my black toes.
We were made to know just what to do,
when you’ve done something well ,
But too much PRIDE makes you feel
justlike an empty old shell.

Silly Pride set me off in the wrong direction.
WE are all perfection
as we are….
I’ll just
enjoy being ME, and love those babies

  1. 1 and #2
    (maybe someday #3!)

The End

The End for now.

THE TOO TALL NEST: a children's story about a sandhill crane family


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Seymour and Sandy H. Crane are having twins….but Sandy is not happy with just a typical nest, she wants hers to be HUGE. Read what happens when she gets her wish…..

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