Thank you so much to the two people who purchased items from me this week!! I hope you enjoy your merchandise. :-)

Making a Photograph vs Taking a Photograph

Today, I ventured into a new area of photography: developing film. Before embarking on this venture, I did what most people do when the desire to learn something new comes along. I consulted my ever growing library of reference material, I did a lot of reading from resources I’ve found online, and I harassed anyone I could find who I was sure knew more on the subject than I did (a special thanks goes out to Jason and Jerry of Dodd Camera in Beavercreek Ohio for putting up with me). And just what did I learn from all this research? I learned that I still have a lot to learn!!

Ansel Adams once said “You don’t take a photograph, you make it”. After developing my first roll of 120 film, I have a new-found admiration for the photographers like Ansel Adams who not o…


I reached a Red Bubble milestone today. 5000 VIEWS!! I just want to thank everyone who’s taken an interest in my photography. I’ve looked back over the photos I’ve taken since being introduced to Red Bubble, and it’s clear to me my time here has been very beneficial. While on Red Bubble, I’ve met some wonderful photographers, been inspired by the amazing photos, gained valuable insight into different techniques and photographic methods, and have generally gotten even more interested in photography (as if that was possible). Thanks again everyone. Here’s to the next 5000!! :-)