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Hello. My name is Sam Warner. I am an avid camera lover, novice photrapher, and creator of Space Monkey Photographics; my venue for sharing my original photographs and my fondness of vintage photographic equipment.

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Thank you so much to the two people who purchased items from me this week!! I hope you enjoy your merchandise. :-)
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How Do You Feel About The Square Photo Format?

I’ve read a few articles on the square format and how some think it’s preferable to the rectangular format. What do you think? / Here’s a recent article from the Digital Photography School website.
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Making a Photograph vs Taking a Photograph

Today, I ventured into a new area of photography: developing film. Before embarking on this venture, I did what most people do when the desire to learn something new comes along. I consulted my ever growing library of reference material, I did a lot of reading from resources I’ve found online, and I harassed anyone I could find who I was sure knew more on the subject than I did (a special…
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Another Sale!!

I made another Red Bubble sale today. Thanks Bubba! I hope you enjoy the “ILBT” t-shirt!!
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