A Little Update

Hello All!

No, I haven’t spent much time here lately, but yes, I’m still drawing, painting, designing and taking lots of photographs. The Studio is not particularly organised after our move, but everything takes time, doesn’t it? To be honest, it’s all taking longer than expected, but I’m getting there slowly but surely. Felix is happy and well and I’m posting semi regular updates on my facebook page if you’d like to join us there.

Finally, thanks for all your ongoing messages, likes, follows, comments and sales. I am ever grateful.

Hello & Thank You!

Hello! Thank You!

I’m am without regular internet access at the moment (grrrrr, Telstra), so it has been difficult to keep up to date with everything going on in my online world. So I’d like to take this opportunity to say Hi & Thank You for all the likes, comments, follows, sales and features whilst I’ve been offline. I am able to make semi regular posts via my facebook page so if you need to contact me that is the best place for now.

Wishing you all well and Sending Blessings your way,

It's Certainly Been A While...

Well Hello There!

This seems to be one of those years where life has been extra busy and as a consequence I’ve not been able to spent as much time on my creative pursuits.

I still pop in here quite often to see what’s going on, I love seeing new work, I’m super excited when people purchase one of my goodies (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU) and I hope it’s not too long before I can again spend time adding new creations to my profile.

In the meantime, I post a bit more regularly on Sammy Nuttall Art on facebook and I encourage you to join me there.

‘til next time, please know I’m sending Blessings your way.

Hello Again, Hello!

Well Hello there!

I realise that it’s been AGES since I’ve posted here. It’s not that I’ve forgotten you, it’s just that there are only so many hours in each day and most of mine are full!

I have much more regular contact via my facebook page and “liking” my page there is by far the best way to keep in touch with what I’m up to. You could also follow me on twitter if you like, follow my blog or visit my little website if you’d prefer.

I do my best to reply to all comments posted on my creations and would like to take the time to say THANKS ALL! Another thanks to everyone who has favourited one of my images and a SUPER BIG THANKS to those that have purchased from me, I know there are lots of iPhone and iPad cases out there now, how c…

KAN Do Exhibition

Letting you know that a few of my original acrylic paintings will be on display from this Saturday at Kingston Art Centre as part of the KAN Do Exhibition.

G2 Gallery,
Kingston Art Centre, 979-985 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin Vic
(Cnr South Road & Nepean Hwy)
Melway Ref 77 D5

Opening: Saturday 18 August 2012, 2pm – 4pm
Exhibition Dates: Saturday 18 August – Tuesday 4 September 2012

Gallery Hours:
Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm
Saturday 12.30pm – 5.30pm
Admission: Free

Features, Sales, (I'm a little behind)!

Hello! Greetings!

This is a little update, but I think I may have missed one or two things? Between being busy, busy, busy with life and RedBubble having a little(?) make over, I’m not sure I’m keeping you properly up to date. Oh well, some thing is better than nothing. These following images have been featured lately, thank you to the hosts of all the groups I’m in.

Also, sincere thanks to everyone who takes the time to comment on my creations, I hope I have responded to all your comm…

More Sales - Thank You!

Sincere thanks to those of you who have purchased cards lately. I’ve tried to include them all here, but if I’ve missed any I’m sure you’ll understand. Also, thank you to the hosts of groups I’m involved in for the features and to those who have voted for my creations in Challenges. I really appreciate your support and feedback. :) Sxxx

Chilly Morning Mentone Beach

Blessing Angels

Shopping Germany


Cherry Blossom Pink

Pelican vs Seagull Part 1

Noosa River Everglades Reflections 1

Flying High


Hello…just want to say WOW!

Not one, but two of my images have been featured in the Rubber Ducks group!
Feeling super excited!!! Sincere thanks to the hosts, yet again.

And this similar image placed in a recent Duck challenge…

You can visit all my Duck images here.
Sending Smiley Duck Blessings your way,

Easter Greetings!

Easter Greetings!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, life has been full of projects that have kept me busy. Thanks to those of you who have been supporting my creativity in whatever form, as always it does not go unnoticed. I’ve decided to share just a couple of little updates with you…

Yet again my Sharky t-shirts are proving popular!

And my Flock Of Ducks: 01 has been purchased as a poster – how cool!

I was very excited to find that my “Box Of Fun” iPhone / iPod case was featured in the “Gimme Some Skin” group. What a nice Easter surprise! Sincere thanks to the hosts.

Thanks also the the Rubber Ducks group and hosts who have always been very supportive of my art & photography.

I’ve added quite a few new things to m…